Finally Falling

Necolle Irwin is the younger sister of Ashton Irwin. Her best friend is Ariana Belle. She's never met the members of 5SOS, but when she does, she hits it off right away with Michael. Necolle never realized she had feelings for Luke, until now. Ashton catches them in the kitchen, and his sweet innocent little sister becomes the world's biggest brat. What happens when bright lights is all she sees, and then darkness? What will Luke do while she 's out?


17. Chapter 16

~Luke's POV~



"W-Who am I?" I stutter on my words. My head starts spinning, and I have to lean against the wall for support. "Necolle, you really don't know who I am?"


"Should I?" she asks, looking confused.


I throw my hands to my hair and I stare at the floor. My breathing grows heavy and I feel my heart shatter into millions of pieces. Right when I get permission to date Necolle, she gets fucking amnesia. Just my luck, of course. My hand flings to the door handle and I run out to the waiting room, looking at the guys and Ariana. 


"Whoa, Luke. You look like you've just been hit by a bus. What happened?" Calum asked. 


"N-Necolle. She doesn't remember who I am. She said she doesn't know an Ashton either. What about you three? Will she remember you three?" I mumble on and on until I see Ashton head to Necolle's room. "W-Where are you going?!"


"I'm going to see my sister."


"What's the fucking point, Ashton? She has no idea who you are!"


"Luke, calm down. She doesn't know my face yet. She has to see some familiar things if you want her to get her memory back."


I just look around, my eyesight blurry. I shake my head, trying to clear the black splotches appearing. I turn towards the door and walk towards it. I open it and walk out, already hearing everyone behind. I run to the crosswalk, my sight barely there. I cross the street, before I lose my sight completely, and hear honks around. Then everything is silent. 




Short, I know, sorry. I just had to write something small. I'm grounded and not allowed on the internet, so I woke up at like 4:30 AM just to write for you guys. 

So what do you think's gonna happen to Luke?

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