Finally Falling

Necolle Irwin is the younger sister of Ashton Irwin. Her best friend is Ariana Belle. She's never met the members of 5SOS, but when she does, she hits it off right away with Michael. Necolle never realized she had feelings for Luke, until now. Ashton catches them in the kitchen, and his sweet innocent little sister becomes the world's biggest brat. What happens when bright lights is all she sees, and then darkness? What will Luke do while she 's out?


1. Chapter 1




"I can't wait to see my little sister!" I cheered. The boys laughed.

"Isn't she home alone right now?" Calum asked. 

"Yeah. Our parents have been gone for almost a year now. They're busy traveling around,"

"She doesn't seem to mind," Michael laughed. I smiled as well and looked out the window as the car drove down the very familiar street. In a few seconds, I get to see my beautiful little sister. I miss her so much.

Our car stopped and I hopped out, quickly grabbing my stuff from the back. I ran up the sidewalk, then I heard a scream. I stopped and headed around to the back to see my sister picking herself off the ground. She looked up and screamed again, running up to me. I dropped my stuff and hugged her as tight as I could. I kissed her cheek and looked at her. 

"I've missed you so much,"

"I've missed you too," she smiled. I looked down at her leg, which was covered in blood. 

"You're bleeding," I laughed. 

"I know. I fell into the trash can,"

"Again?" I smiled. 

"Yeah," she laughed. 

"What do you mean again?" I heard Luke from behind me. We both looked up and smiled. 

"She's done it twice before," I smiled. 

"Wow..." he chuckled. 

"You're such a klutz," I laughed hitting her. She hit me back. 

"Am not!"

"Yes, Necolle. You are." I said simply. She giggled and grabbed a few of my bags. "You don't have to get those. I can get them,"

"I'll grab a few, it's fine," she said. She started walking to the front and then ran upstairs with my bags. I followed and met her in my room. 

"I come in here everyday," she smiled. 

"You do?"

"Yeah. I have a few of your sweat shirts in my room. I like them because they smell like you. I've been alone and I've been waiting for you to come home," she said. I looked at her and smiled slightly. I walked over to her and wrapped my arms around her. She smiled and hugged me back. 

"You're the bestest sister ever,"

"The bestest?"

"The bestest." I laughed. She giggled and ran to open my bags. "No. You're not allowed in there. I have gifts for you, and you're not opening them until later."

"Gifts?!" she asked excitedly. I nodded towards her. "Fine. I'll wait. I'm cold. I'm gonna go grab one of your sweat shirts. I'll be downstairs talking with the boys,"

"Okay. Remember my rules?"

"No flirting or dating with any celebrities whatsoever,"

"Good girl," 

"Can I go now?"







They act like a couple, I know. But it's supposed to be a really good brother and sister relationship. They're supposed to be really really close.



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