Does he know ?

Other people could only dream to have a life like mine to have what I have but no.. I hated it. why ? well because I love my best friends boyfriend ...


1. problems ...


jade's p.o.v

Other people could only dream to have a life like mine to have what I have but me, no... I hated it . Well I don't hate my life because in one sense  its awesome but there's always one down side,  or in my case several. I hate the way its going right now. Why ? well my best friend is Eleanor Calder ,  yes as in Louis Tomlinson Eleanor Calder. Well that's all well and good but here's the problem I think I've fallen for someone. Someone that's with someone else. He's tall dark haired, strong, brave and he has a heart of gold everything you could ever want in a man. However that man had to be my best friends boyfriend ... Liam Payne another problem he's with Sophia who I mentioned is also my best friend.  I should be happy for Liam and Sophia seen as though she's my best friend and all but I cant I should be the one in his arm's and the one who he thinks about before he sleeps. I have to sit there and pretend its all okay but to be honest its breaking my heart. Seeing them together breaks my heart and so does knowing that at the end of the day I'm going to loose someone either Liam or Sophia. I don't know weather I'll be able to face up and tell the truth that I've had feelings for Liam all along.


Suddenly my phone went off distracting me from my thought's, which was probably a good thing I unlocked my phone and went straight to the messages.

Eleanor : Come on , stop moping around in that flat of your. Are you ready we are going to get some lunch and have a catch up x

me :haha me moping around ... no . Anyways yes I'm ready x

Eleanor: ok i'll be outside yours in 5 minutes be ready see you soon x

me : ok bye x

I loved Eleanor she is so kind and thoughtful. She is right I am moping around in my flat but what else am I supposed to do, I guess I'm in-denial . After a short while I heard a car pull up outside  followed by a beep ( the horn ) . I took my bag and phone of the counter and locked the door. After about 10 minutes we arrived outside of Starbucks I ordered 2 latte's and went and joined el at the table.

" so what's up jade ? " Eleanor asked me concerned .

"how'd you mean ?" I asked. Trying to sound as strong as possible

"you carnt fool me you didn't come out the other night you haven't been answering many of my texts I've barely seen you !"she replied.

" well just trust me I cant tell you right now but I promise when I work out what to do you'll be the first to know promise!" I said reassuringly.

"your getting me worried now !" she replied.

" don't worry. Anyways lets go!" I said.

"yes were going to the cinema's!" she replied sweetly.

You know Louis is lucky he has everything luck love and an awesome career and of course   El. I'm 19 no job no money , that just about sums it up. We soon arrived at the cinema's and outside where a group of girls.

" er Eleanor you fat slut !" one shouted.

" how did you... end up with Louis !" another one spoke.

( A/N sorry for all the speech in this chapter )

 I pushed El inside and she  broke down tears rolling down her eyes I gave her a hug and comforted her. Once she had settled down we entered the room an the movie had already began.

" do you get it a lot ?" I questioned.

" what... the hate ?" she replied.

"yes" I said.

"yer pretty much !" she replied.

"why why arnt the fans happy for Louis happy that he's found someone he loves I don't get it ?" I added.

"beats me ?" she said.

( A/N  sorry for the short chapter ! what do you guys think ? comment )



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