Waiting *A Zombie Apocalypse*

In a world over taken by zombies, Airaya just wants a normal life, falling in love, and just being a normal 19 year old girl. She is conflicted between her ex-lover, Peter, and her possible new lover. She must make choices that most of us are forced to do.


3. Why?


     Xara laughs, "What?"

     I glare at him, "You heard me, I like you.  If you have a problem with it you can go away."

      He smiles, "No, I didn't mean it in a bad way Airaya.  I just wasn't expecting THAT after I hit you."

     I roll my eyes, "Seriously?  Dude, we live in a world infested by zombies. You slapping me is the LAST thing I'm worried about."  

     He nods, "Very true, Airaya, I-"  

     "OH MY GOD! AIRAYA! XARA! COME QUICK!  HURRY!" We hear John yell.  

     I grab my pistol and run towards the screaming.  I look at the ground and see Ross next to a dead biter. I look at Ross's almost lifeless body, I run over to him and observe his body.  I see that he is bleeding from his wrist.

     'He was bit' "Oh my god, Ross!" I scream and I kneel down and hold him.

     "G-Get away Airaya. P-please. You KNOW what's coming." He says with a raspy weak voice.  

     I start crying, "Please! Xara! Do something!"

    Xara rushes over and looks at Ross then looks at John, "John, take Airaya into the other room please."  

     John nods.  

     "No!" I scream as John pulls me out of the room and shuts the door.  John holds me in his arms and covers my hears.  I hear an indistinguishable blood curdling scream.  I push John out of the way and run into the room.  There's blood everywhere.  I look over at Ross, below his elbow is gone.  I run up and hug Xara.  "Is he going to be okay?" I ask trying to hold back tears.  

     "Yes, but we NEED to get medical supplies Airaya."  Xara says with a sigh.

     I nod and wipe the tears away. "Ross darling you're going to be okay."

     Ross nods, "I know." He says weakly. "will someone help this cripple up?" 

     Xara and I help him up, "John! Come on we're leaving."  Xara and I help Ross to the car. 

     "Airaya, can I speak to you alone for a minute?"  Xara asks taking my hand.

     I look over at John and Ross. "John, are you going to be okay?"

     He nods wiping his tears and smoothes the unconscious Ross's hair.

          I follow Xara around the house and under a white gazebo.  I sit on the bench and mess with my shirt. I look up at Xara who is staring out into the back yard.

     "So what did you want to talk about?"

     "I want to know everything. Right now.  You say I'm the first guy you've liked, but you dated Peter.  Explain. From the beginning."  Xara says without looking at me.

     I sigh, "Well I was 16 and I was working at Starbucks and Peter walked in one day and he was wearing Aeropostal Jeans with a grey cardigan on with glasses and he had the most charming smile I've ever seen. He ordered a Hazelnut Macchiato and he was the sweetest guy I've ever met.  One day I just started a conversation with him about work and he told me he was an oral and maxillofacial surgeon.  After about a year of talking and hanging out, he came by my house unexpectedly with a bouquet of roses and my mother answered the door. He put on the most charming smile and asked her if he could date me.  My mother, being only 13 when she had me, was understanding and asked him to come in.  After about an hour of my mother and him talking, I came home from school and saw him there.  My mother stood up and said that I was allowed to date him.  Oh my gosh I was so happy. So ever since then up till about a week ago we've been together." 

     Xara is now looking at me, "Your mother was okay with you dating a man 11 years older than you?" 

     I give a dirty look, "Yeah whats it to you?  You're 7 years older than me.  Plus he -"

     Xara interrupts me, "Yes I am, but you're also an adult now.  Why does everything have to be an argument with you?  I want to be with you Airaya, but all you do is push me away!  Why?  I know you have feelings for me!  Will you just stop yanking with my emotions?  You act like you want to be with me one minute then the next you act as if I'm the scum of the Earth?  If you wanna be with me tell me! If not leave me alone!  I don't know what your problem is, but you better problem solve your issues.  Don't be messing with my emotions just because you're unstable."

     I give him a hurt look, "Xara-" I start

     "No, I'm done talking." Xara says storming off. 

     I run to the car to see everyone in the grey Prius with John and Ross in the back and Xara in the passenger seat.  I get in the drivers seat, start the car and speed off.  

     "Jesus Airaya slow down!  You do remember that Ross is hurt, right?"  Xara says loudly.

    I ignore him and continue to drive. I look at my speedometer for a split second, it shows 90 going 95 mph.  I look up ahead and see a green sign, "Okay, Dr. Hodgens, do we need to go to a hospital?"

     He nods.

     I take one hand off the steering wheel and take his hand in mine.  He looks at me and smiles wistfully.  We sit in silence the rest of the way to the hospital.  

     Once we're at the hospital, I get out and wake up John. "John, time to wake up, we're going to get help for Ross."  

     He smiles and gets out of the car and gently helps ross out.  

     "Huh? Whats going on?" Ross asks with confusion.

     "STOP WHAT YOU'RE DOING AND DON'T TAKE ANOTHER STEP!" I hear someone whose voice I don't recognize.

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