Waiting *A Zombie Apocalypse*

In a world over taken by zombies, Airaya just wants a normal life, falling in love, and just being a normal 19 year old girl. She is conflicted between her ex-lover, Peter, and her possible new lover. She must make choices that most of us are forced to do.


2. The Search

     I walk over to Xara and put a hand on his back, "How's it going? I'm sorry that you put so much effort into the people and we had to do that."  

     Xara shrugs my hand off, "I could have fixed them!" He screams and looks me in the eye, "They didn't have to die!"  

     I sigh, "I'm sorry, but it was for the best Xara.  If there was any other option that didn't put my group in danger, I would have chose that option." I look him in the eye, "I promise."  

     Xara sighs, "I know, you're a good person and I trust that you would have spared their lives," He takes a deep breath, "Now what do we do Ms. Airaya?"  

      I grin, "I was actually about to discuss that with you.  How good are you with weapons?"

     Xara smirks and raises his eyebrows, "Do you seriously think I'd work in a top facility without knowing how to use a weapon?"  

      I shrug, "Just making sure. OK, well doth thou wish to accompany me on a mission?  It should only take us about two days to get there and back.  We're just making a run to Quinten to search for supplies, if it's safe and not too many Hunters or  Nukes, we might migrate over there. It'll be me, you, John and Ross. "

     Xara beams at me, "What do I need to pack?

     "You ready?" I shout up the stairs.  

      "Who are you talking to crazy girl?" Xara chuckles.  

      I spin around and glare at him, "When did you get down here you queer?"  

     He raises his eyebrows, "I am not strange!"

     I smile and punch him playfully, "I know, I'm just messin' with ya'."  I kneel down and tie my boots extra tight.

     Xara clears his throat, "So I was thinking, maybe I could get-"

     I look up at him and stand up and shove him into the wall. "Look, lets get something clear.  You're a great guy and all, but I don't date members in my group, plus you wouldn't like me anyway.  I am a horrible person."

     Xara raises his eyebrows, "Listen here sweetcheecks, I don't know what you thought I was going to ask, but that was NOT it. You're cute, but you're far from my type."  I open my mouth to speak, but Xara interrupts me. "Plus you're like what, 16."

     I scoff, "I am 19 thank you and what are you 50?"

     He smirks, "Wrong like always, I'm 26 and furthermore-"

     "WILL YOU TWO SHUT YOUR MOUTH?!" We hear Peter yell.

     I turn towards Peter, "What did you say? Do you REALLY wish to test your luck with me today?"

     He narrows his eyes, "I'm not about to let some little girl who is too scared to admit her feelings boss me around." He says raising a fist.

     "If you even THINK about touching me, that will be the LAST thing you do." I smile spuriously and turn to Xara, "Ready to go Dr. Hodgens?" 

     "Ready as I'll ever be." Xara says smiling.  

     "John! Ross! You boys ready?" I yell up the stairs.

The two boys bound down the stairs laughing, "COME ON LETS GO! HURRY!"

     I narrow my eyes, shrug and grab Xara's hand. "Come on," I laugh, "These boys have the attention span of a five year old."  I pull Xara out the door. "Boys, hold up, we need to go over the procedure before we leave." I look at them with a serious look, "First, I know you boys hate the Prius, but it's the only quite car we have."  

     Ross and John groan. "But Airaya." They say in unison.  

     I smile, "Come on, put your stuff in the trunk."

     We walk to the Prius and I open the trunk. As we're putting our stuff in, Xara clears his throat.  "So, how many cars do you guys have?"  

     I look off to the left thinking, 'How many DO we have?' I think, "Um... Like seven." I laugh and get in the car. The boys get in the back and Xara sits in the passenger seat.

     "You'll LOVE Airayas driving." Ross says laughing. I glare at Ross in the mirror. I smirk when I notice he's not buckeled in. I nudge Xara and motion for him to buckle in.   Once I see that he's buckled in I text John.

To: John 

Hey, buckle up buddy. =)

I concentrate on the road, and moments later I hear a click. 

     "Hey Ross, remember that time I slammed on the brakes and you weren't wearing your seat belt and you hit your head?"  I say looking in the rear veiw mirror.

     "Um no I don't why?" I gently slam on the brakes.   "Ow. What the heck was that for?" Ross asks laughing. "You insulted my driving abilities!" 
     "Um Airaya. Look up ahead." John says pointing up the road.

       I look up ahead, "Oh my God." I say in disbelief. 

      "What do we do Airaya?"  Ross asks looking at me.

      "I don't know, I've never encountered a mass this big." I say softening my voice.

      "So, how fast can these things get?" Xara asks with a hint of worry in his voice.

     I smile, "Luckily for us not very fast. We're not so much worried about the fact that they are slow or fast, what we're worried about is the fact they that there are so many.  John, you come with me, we're going to drive them away. Ross, you stay with the doctor and when there's not a lot drive up the road a bit and if we're not back within an hour, leave without us and finish the run and immediately return to the house. Understand?" 

     Ross gives me a hurt look, "I couldn't leave even if you asked me to."

     I smile and get out of the car.  Xara gets out as well and stands in front of me. "What do you think you're doing?"

     I look at him. "Get out of my way." I give him a stern look. 

     Xara smirks, "Do you really think you can tell me what to do?" 

     I open my mouth to speak, but before I can speak Xara wraps his arms around me and pulls me close. "Be safe and come back to us, don't make me go look for you okay?" He says holding me close.

     I feel my heart pounding, 'Why the heck is my heart pounding? ' I think to myself, "Right. No worries. We won't be long." I say letting the hug linger. 

     John clears his throat, "Um don't mean to interrupt your guys goodbye, but Airaya, we really need to get to work." 

     Ross comes over and wraps his arms around Xara and me. "Hey I want in on this group hug!" John yells running over and joins us.

     I pull out my phone. "Lets cherish these moments." I take pictures of the four of us.  "We'll meet you guys up ahead alright?"  I say as I grab my axe and pistol. 

      Xara touched my shoulder, "Be careful Airaya."

     I smile, "Don't worry about me. Worry about yourself.  Come on John."  John and I walk towards the biters.

     "You like him don't you?" John asks once he and I are out of ear shot of Xara. 

     I choke on my spit, "What? Where did that come from?" I ask trying to remain calm. 

     John rolls his eyes, "Don't play stupid. I see how you look at him."

     I smile, "Okay fine, I like him, but if you tell him I will seriously hurt you." I look back, "Think this is far enough?"

     John nods, "It should be. Let's go. It's starting to get dark."

     As we're walking back John looks at me, "So what made you fall for him?"

     I smile and sigh, "His curly brown hair, the way his hazel eyes turn slightly green whenever the sun hits just right, I love how he has a dimple in his left cheek when he smiles, and he's so tall." I look at John who is holding back laughter. I hit him, "Shut up! You know that this is the first time I've ever liked a person!"

     John smirks, "Yeah, but you failed to realize that Xara is like right over there." John points a few feet away.

     I look up at Xara who is looking at me. I gasp, "Oh! Uh hi Xara, what's up?" I ask trying to play cool while walking up.  

    "You're disgusting and a horrible person.  Don't ever talk to me again unless it's about the mission." Xara spits at me and gets in the back seat of the car.  

  I open my mouth to speak, but nothing comes out.  I look at John and Ross who are looking at the ground refusing to look at me. Ross gets in the back and John sits up in front with me.  We drive in silence for about two hours before I stop at a house. I get out and pull my pistol out from its holster. I walk up to the door and shoot the door knob off and walk in.  

     "Airaya are you stupid? What are you doing?" I hear John yelling from outside.

      I run upstairs and into a room and punch the wall. I crouch down in the corner and start sobbing.  

     I hear the door open and I spin around and point my pistol at the door. "Jeeze it's just me, calm down." I hear Ross say walking in.  He comes up to me and wraps his arms around me. "What was that all about? Why'd you just- what?- I don't understand. You've never acted this way before."

     I hold up a finger to shush him. "Just shut up.  I -poured- my- heart- out- and- he- just- does- THAT!" I scream between sobs. "God!  The first time I ever feel ANYTHING for anyone after Peter and he just says I'm disgusting!"  punch the wall.  

     "That was sorta my fault Airaya." Ross says with a guilty voice.  

     "What do you mean?" I say between my teeth.

      "Well Peter said that you only use guys for protection and you say you love them and stuff like that, but once they die or become hurt, you leave them and find someone else.  He said that's why you guys broke up." Ross says flinching

      "AND YOU BELIEVED HIM?" I scream at him.  

     "I'm sorry!" He exclaims. I shove him off and walk off to find Xara.  I hear growling and get shoved to the ground by a biter. "John! Ross!" I exclaim. I kick the biter off of me and twists its neck. I crawl back in the corner.   

               I wipe the blood off my face, "Airaya, what the heck happened?"  I hear Xara yell running up to me.  


     He glares at me and pushes me into the wall, "What is your problem with me?  You act like a shrew to me one minute and the next you act like you're so in love with me! Make up your damn mind before I get angry."  

     I smack him as hard as I can, "Talk about being a hypocrite! You go and flirt with me, but when you hear me confess my feelings you call me disgusting-" Before I continue I feel a burning sensation on my cheek as he smacks me.  I look away from him and go to search the house.   

      "Are you okay Airaya?" Ross asks helping me search for stuff.

     "I'm fine." I say holding back tears.  

     "John and I think you should settle your issues right now.  It's distracting you, I can tell.  So come on." He says pulling me into the living room.  I look at Xara who is sitting on a chair with his head in his hands.  "Xara, Airaya is here. You two need to talk."  John says pullling Ross into the other room.  

     I walk over and sit in front of Xara. "Hey." I say lifting up his face so he can look at me.

     "I am so so sorry Airaya, I don't know what came over me."

     I smile, "No worries, I'm used to it." I say trying to help him.


     "Peter." I say quitely.  

     Xara stands up, "When we get back I am going to give him a peice of my mind."

            "Xara, I like you."  I say with a sigh.

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