Waiting *A Zombie Apocalypse*

In a world over taken by zombies, Airaya just wants a normal life, falling in love, and just being a normal 19 year old girl. She is conflicted between her ex-lover, Peter, and her possible new lover. She must make choices that most of us are forced to do.


1. The Beginning of the End

     It's been two months since the outbreak of the virus, "Nine" started becoming more and more common in the United States.   Before I continue, I'm going to explain what "Nine" is. Nine is a virus that spreads from a bite. It started off slow in the western part of America, the reason the virus is called Nine is because you have exactly 9 minutes until the person infected completely turns. Some of the symptoms that are shown within the first 9 minutes are: immediate pain and swelling from bite, fever, 99-103 degrees, extreme sweating, vomiting blood, aggression, coma, stopping of the heart, and finally, reanimation.

     The only reason I know this information is because I have a prisoner. He worked for the people who created this virus.  He was the doctor who treated their wounds whenever they got bitten. He used to have the cure, but when he started to betray the company, they shunned him off into the harsh world of the infected. Luckily I found him when I did, he was starving and almost dead. I dragged him back to the house and treated him back to a healthy status.  I get information from him by starving him and only allowing him food or water when he gives me useful information. It's been 3 days since he's last had any food or water and I need to get information.  

     I've barricaded myself in an abandoned house with 30 other people, not including my prisoner. I walk over to the mirror that is attached to the wall and look at my figure. 5'11, an athletic build, strong legs, 'Thank God mom made me do sports' I think, tan skin with full lips, perfect nose, dark, almost black eyes, with a short pixie cut.  I move from the mirror and saunter to the kitchen. I rummaged around, looking for any left over food.  I find some saltine crackers and a apple juice box. I stuff them in my back and dash up the stairs and to the back room. 

     I open the door and walk over to my prisoner. I press my boot into his chest, pinning him against the wall. "Wake up you ignoramus, I need more information about nine"  

     The man snickers, "Why should I help you? All you do is beat me, maybe if you asked NICELY, I would be more willing to answer any questions you throw out at me."  

     I open my bag and pull out the  saltine crackers, "So, what is your name anyway?" I ask opening the box of saltine crackers.

     "Xara Hodgens" He responds, "and you?"

     I hand him a few crackers, "My name is Airaya Welch.  Xara, will you please give me some information? 14 people from our group is sick. They're dying"  

      I take my foot off of Xara and hand him some more crackers, "I will let you live downstairs with the rest of us, if you just help us."

    He sighs and stands up, "If I help you, you have to do whatever I say, no questions asked. Got it?"

 I nod and release him from the chains, "Well, I will show you around and introduce you to the sick."  I escort him downstairs and show him the spare room where the sick are.  I watch as Xara rushes over to the sick and takes their vitals. "Do you want me to leave?" I ask.  

     "Um, if you don't mind, I can't risk others getting infected as well."     

     I nod and stride out of the room.  I make my way to the living-room where the council meetings are held. I walk over to the other members, "Hey I don't mean to be a nuisance , but we need an emergency meeting about the sick." I say.  They nod and nine of us  head to the living-room.  

     "We need to address the fact that we honestly don't know if these people are going to live. You ALL know that no matter how they die, they reanimate. Should we wait to see if the prisoner can fix them... or," I take a deep breath, "should we put them out of their misery?"

     Peter stands up and glares at me, "Are you mad? We can't just kill our own people!" 

     I rub my temple and close my eyes, "Peter, EVERYONE was told of the consequences and risks being in this group, we can't risk loosing everyone." I say between my teeth. 

     A woman stands up and slams her hands down on the table, "Will you both shut up so we can get down to business?"

I look at the woman and nod, "Sorry Emilia." I mumble. Why does my sister have to be such jerkI think to myself.  

     Emilia sighs, "Those who thinks we should exterminate those who are sick, raise your hand."  Emilia,  two other members and I raise our hands. "Those who think we should let the prisoner fix them, if he can anyways, raise your hand."  I watch as Peter and three members raise their hand.  

     I look over at John, "John, you need to choose."

     John sighs, "I choose to deal with the issue."   

     Peter scoffs, "And to think I thought you were better than these monsters." Peter stands up and exits the room. 

     Emilia sighs, "I'll give the word."

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