Waiting *A Zombie Apocalypse*

In a world over taken by zombies, Airaya just wants a normal life, falling in love, and just being a normal 19 year old girl. She is conflicted between her ex-lover, Peter, and her possible new lover. She must make choices that most of us are forced to do.


5. No Regrets

     I smile, "Thanks, I'll be okay.  Her father still blames me for it."  I sigh.  

     "Well if you ever want to talk before you guys head leave, I'm here for you Airaya."  Krysta walks off.  

   I walk over to the boys, I see that Ross is awake.  "How are you feeling Ross?"

     Ross sits up, "I'm feeling a lot better now." He smiles, "So when can we leave?"

     "Krysta said we could leave tomorrow, she just wants to make sure you have no complications.  Is that okay with you?"  I say sitting next to Xara who is near Ross's head.  

    He sighs, "I guess I have to."

     I smile, "It won't be that bad."  I look over at John who is biting his nails, "John are you alright?  You look a little sick."

      John nods, "Yeah, just thinking."  

     I smile,  "I brought cards.  Shall we play a game?"

     "No!" They all say simultaneously. 

     I sigh, "I'm so bored.  Xara can I talk to you alone real fast?"  I stand up and start walking.  I hear footsteps follow behind me.  I turn a corner and wait for Xara.  

     Xara comes around the corner.  "Yes? What did you want to talk about?"

     "I wanted to tell you that I do like you, but I also am still in love with Peter still."  

     "Oh." Xara says with a hint of heart break.

     "I want to be with you so bad, but my heart belongs to Peter.  I mean, we had a kid together.  I can't just not loose feelings for him like that."  I grab his wrist gently,  "Promise you'll wait for me?"

     He shakes his head, "You can't just tell me to wait for you, but then go and be with Peter. I like you, but you have a choice to make.  It's either me or him."  

     I wipe away a tear.  "I want to be with you, but I need Peter.  I know he's not good for  me, but I just- I don't know what I want okay?  Give me a few days to decide what I want.  Okay? Just please wait for me." I beg.

     "I'll give you a week to decide alright?"  He answers pulling me into a comforting hug.  "I'm sorry for getting angry."

     I look at my watch.  "Its about 10:30.  We should be getting to bed.  We need to leave early.  It's a 30 minute drive back to that house.  We left all of our stuff there and we have to finish looking around the area then we have to drive home which is an 3 hour drive." 

     Xara nods, "Sounds like a plan."  

     We head back to the main area.  I run over to the boys who are playing cards.  I glare at them.  "So when  I offer to play cards you guys say no, but once I leave you guys want to play?  What the heck is up with that you buttholes?"

     John looks up at us, "While you twains were being all lovey and stuff, we got bored.  So we rummaged through your bag for stuff to keep us entertained, nice diary by the way, we found your cards and started to play."

     Ross looks up, "As in we, he means himself.  I just watched I promise Airaya." Ross says trying to save himself.

     "You didn't try to stop him Ross?" I ask with an annoyed tone.  

     "He is stronger than me!" He says with a sad tone.

      "It's fine.  John, as you being 18 you should know better to go through other peoples stuff."  

     "Sorry." John says with a smile.

     I lower my voice to where only we can hear.  "I want to leave before they wake up okay? So go to sleep."  

     They all nod and lay down.  

     I lay down next to Xara and stare up at the ceiling thinking until I fall asleep.  

     I wake up and look at my watach, it shows 7:01.  I tap Xara.  "Wake up we gotta go."  I crawl over to Johna and Ross.  "Wake up boys.  John, help your brother to the car." I hand John my pistol.  "Be careful."  I crawl back to Xara who fell asleep once again, "Xara wake up."  I slap his leg.  

     "Mmmm woman stop I'm awake."  He groans, sitting upand  rubbing his eyes.  He stands up and grabs his pack and helps John with Ross.  "We'll wait for you in the car Airaya."  

     I nod.  I grab all my supplies, I walk to the door and linger my hand on the door.  I set my stuff down and go to the room that Krysta and Ryan were in.  I stare at their sleeping body, watching as their chests rise and fall.  I pull out my machete silently.  I kneel down beside Krysta who is on the on the other side of the room.  'Must of gotten into an argument.' I think.  I look on the floor and find a sock.  I grab it, ball it up and shove it in her mouth.  Krysta wakes up and starts flailing her arms.  I put my machete to her throat and quickly pull it to the left.  Krysta stops moving and blood starts to seep out of the wound.  I smile and sneak beside Ryan.  I put the machete to his neck and pull it quickly to the left just as I did to Krysta.  Ryan starts thrashing around.  I stand up and pick up Kaydeth who is asleep.  I grab a bag full of diapers, baby food and clothes, walk to the hospital door, pick up my stuff and walk out the door to the car.  I start fake crying.

     Xara gets out of the car and runs up to me.  "What's wrong Airaya? Why do you have Kaydeth?  Where's Krysta and Ryan?" 

     "I went to say thank you for helping us and when I went in there and they were dead." I say between sobs.  

     Xara hugs me, "It'll be okay Airaya.  We'll have to take care of him now." Xara says taking Kaydeth from my arms and holds him close and gets in the car.

      I look back at the hospital one last time and grin before getting in the drivers side and start driving.

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