Waiting *A Zombie Apocalypse*

In a world over taken by zombies, Airaya just wants a normal life, falling in love, and just being a normal 19 year old girl. She is conflicted between her ex-lover, Peter, and her possible new lover. She must make choices that most of us are forced to do.


4. Help

     I slowly turn around to look towards the mysterious voice,  Its a tan woman with long black hair, she's wearing green shorts, combat boots and a blood-stained T-shirt.  Next to her is an African American man who's wearing blue jeans and a grey shirt.  The woman is holding an assault rifle and the man is clenching a machete.  

     “Come any further and I will be forced to shoot!” Yells the woman pointing the gun at us.  

     I put weapons on the ground and put my hands in the air, “I am Airaya Welch.  My friend needs help.  All we need is a few medical supplies and we'll be on our way!”  

     The man looks at the woman and comes down from the hospital stairs and walks up to Ross and John.  “How sick is he?” He asks looking down at Ross's missing forearm.  He looks up at me, "How long has he been like this?" 

     I look at Xara, "30 minutes or so?  We came from Long Street downtown."

     "So maybe cutting off the limb is the way to stop the infection from spreading.  We'll let you in if you can help us.  The third floor is infested with those things, clear them out and we'll help you out.  

     I look at Xara and John.  "You guys up for this?"  I look up at the man, "About how many are there? Ross is in no condition to be fighting so he needs to be left with you guys. How many people in your group is there?"  

     The woman slowly walks toward us, "It's just me, my husband and our two year old son.   There are about 10 of those things on the third floor and we will treat Ross.  My husband and I are both doctors who work here."

     I nod.  I crouch down and pick up my weapons.  We grab our gear from the car and move into the hospital.  Once inside my group sets our stuff in a corner. I open my pack and check my ammunition.  I look at Xara and John, "Here's the plan.  We're low on ammunition so lets move quickly and quietly, not using our ammo unless it's necessary.  We need to stay together, avoid corners and having your back turned for too long." 

     The guys nod.

     We move towards the doors that lead up to the third floor, I look over at the man and woman, "I'm Airaya, this is Xara, and this is John." I say pointing at the boys when I say their name.  

     They nod, "I'm Krysta, this is my husband Ryan, and this is our son Kaydeth."

     We move the stuff that is blocking the door and walk through.  We watch and Krysta and Ryan move the stuff back in position.  We walk up the stairs.  I can hear the roars and grunting of the infected.  I shake my head, "When they said infested, I expected over a hundred, not 10." I say walking slowly gripping my machete tighter out of anticipation.  I stop and motion for the guys to stop.  I peak around the corner.  I see an infeted that is on its hands and knees eating a corpse.  It stops and turns toward me.  I quietly gasp and hide around the corner.  After a moment I peak around the corner and the infected is right in front of me.  I let out a loud shriek and shove the mutilated, once living corpse down.  Before I can react, it  grabs my leg and pulls its mouth toward my leg.  I slam my machete down on the infected.  The body goes limp and I pull my leg out of the grasp of the infected.  

     John walks up ahead of us behind three infected and sticks his knife through the back of their head.  He walks back.  "Lets just get this over with so we can check up on Ross, please. I'm worried about my little brother."

     I look at him suprised, "You two are brothers?  I just thought you two were best friends!  Well then yes, lets hurry."  

     After about 10 minutes, the 3rd floor is cleared out,  I pull the guys, "I know this sounds horrible, but we need medical supplies back at the camp.  I don't trust these people we need to take what we can get, have them fix Ross and we'll leave them be.   We can throw the medical supllies out the window and grab them when we leave.  Sound good?" 

     Xara and John nod and we search for a bit throwing every possible thing we might need out the window.  We walk back down to the first floor.  We see Ross resting in one of the hospital beds.  John runs up and sits next to Ross.  

     Krysta walks over with Kaydeth in her arms, "Thank you so much.  I don't know what we'd do without you." 

      I nod, "So how long till Ross is able to leave?"

     She bites her lip, "Tomorrow.  I know it's a long time, but we just want to keep him over night so we can make sure he doesn't get any infections.  We wraped his stub with some gauze and actually we fixed it up pretty good," She hands me some ointment, "Put this on every 2 hours and change his bandages every time you put the ointment on." 

     I nod, "Thanks."  I look at my phone.  I go to my inbox. 

To: Peter

Hey we're going to be a bit late... We had an emergency... I'll message you when we're almost home...

     I click send and put my phone away.  I look at Xara, "What should we do? I mean, Ross is in no condition to be moving.  I think we should talk to Ross if he's awake and ask him what he wants to do."  

     Xara nods, "Sounds like a plan." He walks over to Ross and John.  

     I sigh, 'What am I going to do? I really like Xara, but I doubt we'll ever get get along that much to be happy.  Peter and I never really fought until after we broke up.'  I pull my phone out of my pocket and go to my pictures, I scroll down to old pictures of me and Peter. I smile, 'Wait why am I smiling? I don't like Peter.  I like Xara. Don't I?'   I groan. I walk over to Krysta who is cuddling Kaydeth.  "Hey." I say smiling, "Your son is so beautiful."

     Krysta smiles, "Thank you.  He was my miracle baby."

    "What do you mean?"  I ask with a confused tone.  

     "When I was 20, my ex-husband and I was in an argument and I was pregnant with his child and I was on the second floor.  He shoved me down the stairs, I broke my arm and when I went to get up there was blood everywhere.  I had tumbled down the stairs and I landed on my stomach.  So my ex took me to the hospital and by the time we got there, I could tell that my baby died." Krysta says trying to keep tears from falling.  "I divorced him and a few years later when I was 24, I met Ryan and I fell in love instantly.  We got married two years later and we tried for kids and I couldn't keep them.  I would get pregnant and three months in they'd always miscarry.  Kaydeth is my 8th attempt in having a child."  She smiles and kisses her sleeping sons forehead.  She looks up at me, "So do you have any kids?"

     I sigh, "I had a daughter named Chelsea.  She was two years old. She had strawberry blond hair and the bluest eyes I've ever seen.  She got them from her father, but once the infection started when no one knew how it would spread.  Our puppy bit her and after that it wasn't long till Peter had to, you know.  After that Peter and I grew distant." I choke back tears holding back tears.  I sniffle, pull out my phone, and scroll down to a photo of Chelsea.  "She was my world."  

     Krysta wipes a tear from her eye, "I'm so sorry that that happened." 

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