When Disaster Struck: Divergent story competition

This is like a prequel of Divergent, how the war started and the faction system was formed Enjoy!


5. The Future

The next day, it's Saturday, i remember that we get a day away from unapproachable Mr. Quentin and we can be free and roam the towns and get some food and sweets if we are lucky. My dreams of going out with Dove are shattered to piece's when everyone is called to the main square where everyone is placed in two separate crowds and we are told that 5 factions are to be born and the 5 are Dauntless the brave,Erudite the intelligent, Amity the peaceful, Abnegation the selfless and Candor the honest. I have been placed in Abnegation and when i turn 16 i will have to slit my hand to determine which faction sector i will go to or stay with my family, we also have to take a test to determine which faction we are suited to i never want to see anyone in my family to go but i must say good bye to Lux i will probably never see him again but i was there when he slit his hand and i can tell you he went to dauntless, i pray every nigh for him and wish him and life fill of bravery and i also pray for when i turn 16 i can choose dauntless...




By Hannahisadanosaur (Hannah Mayne)

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