When Disaster Struck: Divergent story competition

This is like a prequel of Divergent, how the war started and the faction system was formed Enjoy!


3. Reunited...

The next day i try starting to walk again and it takes me a few tries with Lux assisting me, he tells me to never stop trying and never to become weak, it's hard to do something i've been doing for 7 years, walking. We go over to the TV place in the assembly hall and watch some very horrible looking places ,rumble, people crying just sitting there no emotion in their sad faces, children wandering around looking around for people to care for them. 


I start crying and i hobble away with my crutches making that annoying clicking sound. i sit in the corridor looking like those children on the TV, Iv'e never cried at the news before i wipe some ash off my head and lie down on the hard, cold and uncomfortable tile floor and start to think of mum and dad. We are suddenly taken down three floors for "safety". Iv'e lost Lux, Lucia and Fuchsia again and i just look around and scream their names most people look at me and shrug and roll their eyes like i'm crazy which i probably look like, bags under my eyes and people staring at me. Then someone had the human decency to come over and see if i was ok and she asks me in a caring voice " What are your parents called because i might be able to contact them" 

"Natalie and Andrew Prior" i reply in a quiet voice and i doubt that she will be able to find them. But she surprises me with me parents and my brother and sisters i start crying again because i am overwhelmed by this situation. At night time the underground floors become bitter and i become brittle. i have turned blue and purple and Lux has cuddled me in and i nudge him to say i'm freezing but he can't hear me so i move his arm and walk around and i see these two women talking and i listen attentively "Upstair's is completely gone it was good we came down here when we did" 

I gasp and run back to my brother and lie back down and i am preparing to die, i know they will bomb more and more until they kill us all.

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