When Disaster Struck: Divergent story competition

This is like a prequel of Divergent, how the war started and the faction system was formed Enjoy!


2. Recovering...

It was a miracle we did, Lux runs , fast, far. Until we go to a corridor full of children and i gesture to Lux to put his ear to my mouth so he can hear me i say with catches in my throat "Beatrice and Fuchsia". Lux runs over to them as points and probably explained to them what was wrong with me, i felt so sorry for my little sister that she had to go through all of this she was only 5. Fuchsia  jumps on Beatrice's back and Lux starts running again and tries to slip through the crowds, he knew that school like the back of his hand. 


When we get to the door to run out and try to be reunited with out parents Max and Beau, but a man stands in Lux's way and he says "Stop we need everyone to stay her it's not safe out there for children" he says sternly. Lux explains that me and Fuchsia are hurt and tells Lux directions to go to the school nurse and we swiftly rush there. When we get there we are bombarded by people checking me for infection and picking at my wounds, Lux sits next to me i am on the floor lying down next Fuchsia with our name tags on us so they know who we are. I am Evelina, 7years old: 2nd grade. Beatrice cuddles into Lux. She starts to question all of this from what i could hear the man that killed a whole town did that again and the Governments started fighting over him and America wanted to help the other country and the other country came over and started dropping bombs and missiles. They wanted to exterminate us for good so we couldn't disturb them again. ever...


I fall asleep and i dream about what happened today the glass piercing me and Lux and people making assumptions of that i was going to die from blood loss, i want to prove them wrong i won't stop fighting the pain that inflicts my body, i will stay strong like Lux always tells me, i will also protect my family in any way i can. I dream that the man comes and shoots all of us dead never to be seen again, i shoot up from my bed Lux soon calms me down i start crying and i cuddle in to him like he is my dad, a man come over to us and says i am very weak and shouldn't go anywhere the man says he's a doctor and he whisks me away from the only people in know he takes me to a room full of other young children that need the medical attention and i just look around i don't stare at them, i see my friend, Dove, she looks like she was very ill that day she just looks at me trying to smile. 






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