When Disaster Struck: Divergent story competition

This is like a prequel of Divergent, how the war started and the faction system was formed Enjoy!


4. Getting life back on track

After that painful time in that confined, isolated, and solitary school we head back to the place that was once Chicago, the sun was shining that day as we sat on the big, sweaty and busy bus to go to our new colonised area where we could stay in peace and safety. As we walked in the new house we looked and inspected the place like critics, pointing out all of the imperfections, a crack in the wall, a small chip of the dull grey paint and the ugliness of the decor and furniture. Me and Lux share a room which i don't mind he might be 10 years older than me but i love him all the same, i never want to separated from them again.


We eat some horrible soup with bread that tastes of hard cardboard that this man delivers every mealtime. Then we talk for a little while until Fuchsia starts to complain of a sore throat so we start to head up to bed where i know i will never be able to fall down my rabbit hole on dreams for a long while, i hope this phase won't last long. As i'm walking up the stairs to find my room and share with Lux, i stare out the window and see intricate silhouette lines of the uniquely designed business tower, my attention draws to a child waving at me and i realise it is Dove Peterson and i wave back then i get a sudden pin pricking sensation in my shoulder. I fall over and tumble down the steps and the first person i see is Lux, he has put me to bed and bandaged my bruised shoulder, black and blue are the main colours i see through the mirror. I close my eyes and dream that i am still in the school and i wake up...


The scorching sunshine has beamed into my delicate emerald green eyes and i squint at a tall figure looking a cold stare in my eyes and it's Lux. "You're going to be late!"

I immediately jump up and run to school i think about what happened when we were in art class and the bombs exploded outside and shards of glass embedded into my skin and stayed there firmly, and the teacher isn't particularly approachable. It's completely different to before well i suppose nothing will ever be the same ever again...

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