The Apocalypse of Madness (English) APH

Englands magic goes wrong which results in a great tragedy. The worlds only hope is that Iceland finds what he is looking for.


2. Chapter 1 - past

England looked through his window up at the sky. "It's going to rain," he said a bit concerned, "I hope that doesn't give them an excuse not to come." Right after those words had left his mouth he heard a light knocking on the door, quickly replaced by a louder one, companioned by a harsh voice shouting to let them in before the rain would come.

England considered actually waiting for the rain, but his concern for his doors wellbeing made him open it anyway.

Outside there stood two very identical young Italian boys. When Italy had heard about the family come-together England had planned, he had volunteered to cook the food right away, since nobody wanted to come if England himself was going to cook.

And for some reason Romano came with him, that might be because he wanted to protect his brother from France, that bastard. Though he used the excuse that he just wanted to get away from Spain. Which you could see the meaning in.

"What took you so long?" Romano almost yelled, looking rather annoyed.

A frown came to England's face, "What took me long, if I may ask?" He spoke in a semi-hard voice.

Romano's expression changed to that of the worse, but before he could answer Italy stepped in between them. "Romano please don't yell at England, he did nothing to deserve that," then he turned around to face England, "I'm so sorry, I told him to be nice, but.."

He was rudely interrupted by his brother, "Are we going to stand here all day?"

"Please don't yell!" A sad and strained expression appeared on Italy's face.

"Of course not, come on in," England said not really sure how to react in such a situation.

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