It All Started On A Holiday

Nikki is on vacation in Italy with her friends, when she meets the one and only Justin Bieber. She is a diehard belieber and her biggest dream was to meet Justin. But what happens when she does? Will sparks fly? Read to find out ��



6. Chapter 6 | Goodbye

Chapter 6

Nikki’s P.O.V.

The last three weeks went by really fast. Today is my last day in Italy and tomorrow morning the girls and I are going home. I have seen Justin a few times after our first date and he asked me to be his girlfriend. I happily said yes. But after today it will be over. I just can’t let the beliebers hate on Justin because of our relationship, and the paparazzi will follow him even more than they do now. I am just so sure Justin and I don’t have a future. This is the most difficult decision I ever made. Because, yes, I love him. I love him to the moon and back, forever and always. I just feel like it’s better for him if we aren’t together.  I waved goodbye to Jennifer and Kylie and walked in to Justin’s hotel. I got into the elevator and pressed the “penthouse” button. Here I go. When I got to Justin’s room I knocked on the door. I have never been this nervous. Justin opened the door and kissed me.

Justin: Hey baby.

Nikki: Hi J.

I walked inside and did everything in my power to hold back the tears. Justin decorated the penthouse with pink rose pedals and candles. I sat down on the couch. I have to tell him now.

Nikki: Justin I need to tell you something.

I saw a scared look in his eyes. I wanted to hug and kiss him so bad and cry in his strong arms. But I have to stay strong.

Nikki: J, this is the hardest thing I have ever done in my whole life. But it’s over. I can’t and won’t get you in trouble with your beliebers, paparazzi and your career. This is your dream Justin. I want you to live it to the fullest. I feel like I am in your way and I’m just so scared that we won’t have a future together… I am so sorry for all your effort for the roses and candles and everything. I can’t do this anymore. I have to go. Goodbye Justin.

I got up and ignored the tears that were streaming down my cheeks. I saw Justin was crying as well. It broke my heart in more pieces than it already was. When I walked away Justin grabbed my arm  but I got loose and ran away as fast as I could. I heard Justin’s voice as he said something. I just didn’t hear what. I ran to Jennifer and Kylie. Still crying.

Justin’s P.O.V.

When Nikki told me it was over I started to cry. I love her. When she walked away I said that I love her, but I guess she didn’t hear me. I had this amazing date planned for us and I would give her a promise ring. It was silver with tiny diamonds in it. I’m sure she would’ve loved it. I have to find her. She is the love of my life. If only I knew where she lives… 

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