It All Started On A Holiday

Nikki is on vacation in Italy with her friends, when she meets the one and only Justin Bieber. She is a diehard belieber and her biggest dream was to meet Justin. But what happens when she does? Will sparks fly? Read to find out ��



2. Chapter 2 | Meeting again

Chapter 2

Nikki’s P.O.V.
The next morning I woke up at 7 am. I couldn’t get myself back to sleep. I sighed and then decided to go to the beach to go swimming for a little while. I put on my purple bikini and wrote a note for my friends. Five minutes later I arrived at the beach. The sun was still rising and it was very quiet out here. I saw someone else walking at the beach, but I didn’t pay much attention to them. I laid my towel on the sand and ran towards the water.

Justin’s P.O.V.
I was walking around at the beach. I had been thinking about Nikki all night and hadn’t slept. So after three hours of staring at the ceiling I decided to go out and walk for a bit. I looked up and saw a girl diving in to the water. I thought about Nikki again, gosh she was so beautiful. I hated myself for thinking about her all the time. I know I will never see her again so why do I keep torturing myself? When I looked up again I saw the girl who dived in to the water five minutes ago. When I realized who she was I stopped breathing for a second. Nikki. I quickly took my shirt and shoes off and ran towards her.

Justin: Nikki!

I would have never imagined it to be her. When I reached her I pulled her into a big hug.

Justin: Nice to see you again.

Nikki: Yes it is! I don’t want to be rude Justin, but what are you doing here?

Justin: I am on a holiday.

I answered chuckling, causing her to laugh. Her beautiful blue eyes looked at me again.

Nikki: Well what I actually meant was why did you come towards me?

Justin: Because… well… I just wanted to say hi and to ask you out on a date. Do you have plans tonight?

Nikki: Err...

Then I suddenly realized I didn’t know if she had a boyfriend…

Justin: Wait, do you have a boyfriend?

Nikki: No I don’t.

She smiled and continued:

And I would love to go on a date with you tonight.

I was really happy about her answer and smiled. I hugged her again. I just couldn’t help myself. Then I noticed she was wearing a bikini. She is so sexy and so beautiful. I felt my heart beat going really fast.

Justin: That’s amazing. I have been thinking about you ever since I met you. And I really want to get to know you.

Nikki: Same goes for me.

She smiled her perfect smile again. I caught her looking at my abs and I smiled back at her. Nikki said she had to go to meet her friends and when we got out of the water I got her number.

Justin: So I’ll pick you up at the gate of the camping at 6.

Nikki: Okay see you tonight then.

She smiled. I hugged her and kissed her cheek. She started to blush and walked away. I seriously can’t wait for tonight!

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