It All Started On A Holiday

Nikki is on vacation in Italy with her friends, when she meets the one and only Justin Bieber. She is a diehard belieber and her biggest dream was to meet Justin. But what happens when she does? Will sparks fly? Read to find out ��



17. Chapter 17 | Honeymoon

Chapter 17

Nikki’s P.O.V.

I was woken up by a kiss on my lips.

Justin: Good morning baby.

Nikki: Morning J.

Justin: So, Mrs. Bieber, it’s time for you to get out of this bed and get ready. I have a huge surprise.

Nikki: What is it?

Justin: Nikki, you know it won’t be a surprise if I tell you. Oh by the way, in case you miss some clothes… I packed them for the surprise.

Nikki: So we are leaving?

Justin nodded.


Justin: Damnit why did I marry such a smart woman? There goes the surprise. Yes baby we are going on a honeymoon. The destination will remain secret though. I’m not saying a single word about where we’re going.

I looked at him.

Justin: No. It’s not going to work babe.

I sighed.

Nikki: But your son or daughter wants to know.

Justin: It’s a secret. They’ll find out when we get there. Now get your hot but lazy ass out of bed. You have an hour to get ready, I’ll get ready in one of the guestrooms.

I groaned and sat up. Remembering I was naked. I got up, got some panties and a bra from the dresser and walked to the bathroom. After I took a shower I quickly dried myself and put on my underwear. I walked towards the walk in closet and put on a pair of jeans and a black long sleeved shirt. I walked back to the bathroom and brushed my hair and teeth. After that I put a little make-up on and walked out of the bathroom. Justin entered the bedroom at the same time as I did.

Justin: Time to go baby.

We walked towards the Range Rover and I saw our suitcases in there. I laughed. Justin opened the door for me and I got in. Justin got in on the drivers’ side and drove away. Half an hour later we arrived at the private jet. Then it was time to go to our destination. Wherever that may be.

Justin’s P.O.V.

Ten hours later we arrived at our destination. The Maldives. Nikki was asleep, considering it was evening at home and the flight made her tired. She didn’t know we were here yet. I can’t wait to see her reaction. I know it’s been her dream to go here. Time to wake Nikki up.

Justin: Baby. It’s time to wake up. We’re here!

Nikki slowly opened her eyes. She looked at me. Then out of the window. I saw her eyes widen and her mouth fell open. She hugged me tightly and began to cry.

Justin: No baby don’t cry please. I thought this would make you happy. I know it’s been your dream to go here with the love of your life.

Nikki: I am happy J-Justin. These a-are happy t-tears.

She pulled out of the hug and kissed me passionately.

Nikki: I love you Justin.

Justin: I love you too. Now let’s go to our room. You won’t believe your eyes if you see it.

I checked in at the reception and got the key for our cabin. It was lovely, not too big and surrounded by water. When Nikki saw it, her eyes lit up again. She jumped in my arms. And I was just in time to catch her.

Justin: I love you baby. Welcome to your home for the next three weeks.

Nikki: Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Justin: Anything for my beautiful wife.

She smiled and kissed my cheek. We entered the cabin and decided to take a swim in the ocean. I kept Nikki close the whole time, because there could be sharks in the water. The baby sharks only come around here, according to the receptionist, but I’m not taking any chances. I can’t live without my wife.


During our weeks in the Maldives we had so much fun. Nikki and I took lots of pictures. Of us smiling, kissing, touching Nikki’s baby bump. We made memories for a lifetime. By the time we had to leave we were both very sad. But it was just time for our normal life as husband and wife to begin. And we were ready for it. I love her so much.

Nikki: Thank you Justin. For one of the best surprises ever. I love you.

Justin: I love you too babe.

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