It All Started On A Holiday

Nikki is on vacation in Italy with her friends, when she meets the one and only Justin Bieber. She is a diehard belieber and her biggest dream was to meet Justin. But what happens when she does? Will sparks fly? Read to find out ��



16. Chapter 16 | Forever and Always

Chapter 16

Justin’s P.O.V.

Today’s the day. In a few minutes Nikki is going to walk down the aisle. I’m so nervous. What if she decides to say no? Or she doesn’t even show up? No. I know Nikki. She would never do that to me. I looked to my side and saw my mom and dad smiling at me. Then the music started to play and everybody stood up. First came Ryan and Kylie, followed by Chaz and Jennifer. Then my adorable little brother and sister walked down the aisle. Jazzy was throwing ping rose pedals down the aisle and Jax carried the rings. Then I saw her. Walking with her dad. Words can’t describe what I feel. My eyes started to water a little. She is so beautiful and perfect. When our eyes met, I saw her smile and we didn’t look away for a second. I had a huge smile on my face. Then she was really close to me. She hugged her dad and her laid her hand in mine after they pulled out of the hug. I pecked her lips and we walked up to the priest, holding each other’s hand.

Priest: You may all sit down. We are gathered here today, for the marriage of this beloved couple. Anybody against this marriage should speak now, or forever hold his speech.

Nobody stood up or said anything. So the priest continued.

Priest: So I will ask you, Justin and Nikki, to hold each other’s right hand. And to speak out your vows.

We smiled at each other. Jaxon brought us our rings. I took Nikki’s ring and said:

I, Justin Drew Bieber, take you, Nikki Noëlle Sanders, to be my friend, my lover, the mother of my children and my wife. I will be yours in time of plenty and in times of want, in times of sickness and in times of health, in times of joy and in times of sorrow, in times of failure and in times of triumph. I promise to love and respect you, to care and protect you, to comfort and encourage you. I promise to stay with you, forever and always.

I put the ring on Nikki’s finger, which made her smile wide and her eyes shine. She grabbed my ring and said:

I, Nikki Noëlle Sanders, take you, Justin Drew Bieber, to be my husband, my partner in life and my one true love. I will cherish your union and love you more each day than I did the day before. I will trust and respect you, laugh and cry with you. I will love you faithfully through good times and bad times, regardless of the obstacles we may face together. I give you my hand, my heart and my love. Always and forever.

Then she put the ring around my finger, I saw happy tears form in her eyes.

Priest: Now I declare Justin Drew Bieber and Nikki Noëlle Bieber Sanders husband and wife. Justin you may kiss your bride.

Everybody stood up and clapped. I smiled at Nikki and closed the space between us by placing my lips on hers. The kiss showed all our love. It was the best kiss ever. When we pulled away I grabbed her hand and we walked down the aisle.

Justin: I love you Mrs. Bieber.

Nikki: I love you too Mr. Bieber.

We kissed. After that we got on the carriage, just for the two of us. The rest of the people went with limos. We drove to a beautiful place where we took our photos. Me standing behind her. Us holding hands. Us kissing, hugging and last but not least me on my knees while kissing Nikki’s baby bump. Then we took some pictures with Jazmyn, Jaxon, our families and friends. After that we went back to the limos and the carriage to go to our wedding reception.

Nikki’s P.O.V.

I’m so happy! I can’t believe that I am Mrs. Justin Drew Bieber! I loved when Justin kissed my baby bump during the photoshoot. We just arrived at the party. I changed my heels into my flats. Justin helped me out of the carriage and into the room where we held the party. When we came in our guests began to cheer. Our families and friends came to congratulate us with the marriage.

Kylie: You guys it’s time to cut the wedding cake. Are you coming?

We followed Kylie and arrived by the cake. It was huge and on the cake stood a miniature version of us. I smiled, it was beautiful. The cake had a text which said: “Mr. and Mrs. Bieber, forever and always.” Next to it was a heart. I loved it. They took a few pictures of the cake and us with the cake. Justin and I were holding the knife together and cut the cake. We fed each other a bit of the cake and kissed. The photographer made pictures of all of it. Then it was time for our first dance as a married couple. Justin arranged the songs and I was very surprised when I saw Ariana Grande walking up the stage, singing our song. Die In Your Arms by my handsome husband. Justin and I danced while holding each other close. We pecked each other’s lips sometimes. When the song was over, we applauded for Ariana. Then Justin introduced us.

Ariana: Congratulations! Nikki you look so beautiful. I think we’re going to be best friends! Justin, you really have to take good care of her and the baby. Or else…

I laughed.

Nikki: Thank you Ariana, for everything, it means a lot. I’m a big fan of yours.

The photographer made a picture of me, Justin and Ariana. Then Ariana sang a few more songs. After that Cody Simpson got on stage and also sang a few of his songs. After that he congratulated us and we took a picture. We had so much fun that night.

Around 2 am Justin and I decided to leave. A limo drove us home and as soon as we got out, Justin lifted me bridal style while walking to the door and entering the house. He closed the door, put me down and pushed me against the wall.

Justin: I’ve been wanting to do this all day Mrs. Bieber.

We started to make out, Justin lifted me up again. Not breaking the kiss. We got upstairs and Justin laid me on the bed. I took of his tux, while he helped me with my dress. Justin looked at my lingerie. Pure lust showing in his eyes. He took of the laced bra and short after that my panties and his boxers. He started to rub and finger me, while I moaned loudly. Not long after he entered me and started to move. I moaned and screamed his name. Which made him go way faster. Then I came and Justin collapsed over me. He rolled of me and we cuddled up.

Justin: I love you Nikki Noëlle Bieber.

I smiled.

Nikki: I love you too Justin Drew Bieber.

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