It All Started On A Holiday

Nikki is on vacation in Italy with her friends, when she meets the one and only Justin Bieber. She is a diehard belieber and her biggest dream was to meet Justin. But what happens when she does? Will sparks fly? Read to find out ��



13. Chapter 13 | Canada

Chapter 13

Nikki’s P.O.V.

Last week my family left to get back to the Netherlands until the wedding. I was really sad about them, since I always miss them so much. Luckily Justin is always around, having him makes everything better. Yesterday Justin surprised me by saying we were going to Canada today. Finally! I’ve been so excited to meet his family. Jazmyn, Jaxon and Jeremy. Justin is acting like a kid that won all the candy in the candy store. He is so cute. On our way to the airport I was lost in my thoughts. Thinking about Canada, Holland and our baby, when I suddenly burst into laughter. Justin looks at me with a funny face.

Justin: What is so funny babe?

Nikki: Well, I was thinking about Canada and then I realized our baby is half Canadian, half Dutch, but lives in America, which makes him or her kind of American. I kinda thought that was funny.

Justin laughed an placed his hands on my baby bump. I smiled. When we were at the airport we checked in and went for something to drink. Since I’m pregnant I got some tea instead of a coffee. Coffee appears to be bad for unborn babies. I placed one of my hands on my belly. Just wondering what the baby will look like and if it’s a boy or a girl. When I looked up I saw Justin smiling at me like crazy. I started to giggle.

Nikki: What?

Justin: Ik hou van je.

I smiled big time. He really wanted to know how to say I love you in Dutch and since I taught him how, he’d surprise me with it occasionally. He could say ik hou van je fluently now. It surprises me a lot.

Nikki: I love you too J.

Then I started to think a little about the baby. Justin noticed my thinking face and asked me what was up.

Nikki: Hey Justin, would you like to learn how to speak Dutch? I’d like our baby to grow up with two languages. My family doesn’t speak English that well, and I just want you, the baby and my family to be able to have normal conversations. You know. Without the translating and stuff.

Justin chuckled. He knew I didn’t really like to translate everything for everyone.

Justin: Sure baby, anything for you. Besides, Dutch seems to be an awesome language. One question though.

Nikki: And what would that be?

Justin: Will you teach me? You speak fluently English already.

I made a face at him.

Justin: Alright, alright, I’ll admit it. I also want you to teach me because then I’ll have a hot teacher.

I laughed and he winked at me, making me blush a little.

Nikki: Natuurlijk wil ik het je leren schatje. I’m not that hot though, with the baby bump.

Justin: Okay first of all, yes you are hot. Believe me when I say that just looking at you turns me on and knowing my baby is inside of you is just making you incredibly hot.

I blushed again.

Justin: Second of all, I didn’t understand anything of the first thing you said.

He chuckled and I smiled at him.

Nikki: I said: of course I want to teach you baby.

Justin: Great! Oh babe, it’s time to board the plane.


Around eight pm we arrived at Jeremy’s house. Justin was even more excited if that was even possible. I on the other hand was becoming nervous. Justin noticed and grabbed my hand.

Justin: Baby they are going to love you like a daughter. You are amazing and I know they’ll think the same.

We kissed as Justin rang the doorbell. My head couldn’t stop thinking about what if’s. What if they are mad at me because of being pregnant? Or what if they think I am only with Justin because of his money? And got pregnant because of the same reason? What if they don’t like me, despite what Justin says? My what if’s were suddenly interrupted by an opening door and two screaming children. The kids jumped on Justin, who lifted them up easily. He gave both of the kids a kiss on the cheek. Jeremy shook hands with me.

Jeremy: So you must be Justin’s beautiful girlfriend Nikki. He can’t stop talking about you. I must say he was right about you, you’re beautiful and you seem very sweet.

I smiled at him and he gave me a tight fatherly hug.

Jeremy: Come in! Jazmyn, Jaxon, let go of your brother for a few seconds please. I need a hug.

I giggled. Justin put Jazmyn and Jaxon on the ground and walked inside with me. We took a seat on the couch after Justin hugged Jeremy tight. Justin was dragged to a table by Jaxon and Jazmin to make some drawings. Jeremy talked about the baby and Justin. I heard Justin, Jazmyn and Jaxon whispering to each other and then the three of them ran towards me. Justin kissed my cheek and hugged me.

Jazmyn: Nikki are you going to marry Justin?

Nikki: Yes I am.

I said while smiling.

Jazmyn: AWESOME! Then we’re going to be sisters!

Jaxon: Yay!

Aww they are so cute. Jazzy and Jaxon hugged me really tight and kissed my cheeks. Justin laughed.

Justin: Be careful you guys! There is a baby in there!

The kids immediately stopped and looked at me with their mouths wide open.

Jazmyn & Jaxon: Really?

Nikki: Yes really! Do you want to feel my belly?

I giggled and they softly touched my stomach. They were really excited about having a new kid in the family. They were petting my baby bump and talking to the baby. I smiled and Justin sat next to me on the couch, while smiling as well.

Justin: Ik hou van je Nikki.

Nikki: Ik ook van jou J.

We smiled at each other and then I noticed everybody else was silent.

Jeremy: What did you guys just say?

Nikki: Justin told me he loves me and I said that I love him too.

I smiled. While Jeremy nodded understandingly.

Jeremy: Oh yeah that’s right. You’re dutch.

I nodded and smiled. My lovely little country.

Jaxon: Arwe you Dwutch?

Nikki: Yeah, do you want to learn how you say something in Dutch? You're brother and the baby are going to learn Dutch too.

Jazmyn: Yeah! How do you say hello my name is Jazzy?

Nikki: You can say it like this: hallo mijn naam is Jazzy. Or you can say it like: hallo ik ben Jazzy. Maybe we can take you to the Netherlands some time, since tour is over already.

I smiled as everybody tried to say what your name is in Dutch. After a few times it sounded better, but they had a terrible accent. Maybe I get the same accent in a few years... maybe the baby will have one too. I placed my hand on my little baby bump and Justin placed his on mine. We smiled at each other and I pecked his lips. I pulled away and made a ponytail in my hair. When I wanted to grab my tea Justin took out my ponytail. I sighed and made a new ponytail. While Justin just chuckled. I drank my tea and said that I was tired. 

Justin: Let's go to bed then baby. Ik hou van jullie guys, goodnight.

Jazmyn: Sissy! How do you say sleep well in Dutch?

I laughed and translated it for her. She repeated me and gave us a kiss and a hug, followed by Jaxon. Then Justin grabbed my hand and we walked to our bedroom. 

Justin’s P.O.V.

The days flew by. We are going home today. Jazmyn and Nikki bought a flower girl dress for Jazzy which suited her wedding dress. I wasn't allowed to see Jazzy's dress either. But yeah we will marry in two weeks so I just have to wait a little longer. I bought my tux in a miniature version for Jaxon, so our outfits would match as well. We have done a lot this week, we did some sightseeing in Stratford and we went to the movies. Now we were at the airport. We hugged and said bye to everyone and then we went to my private jet.

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