You and your bestfriend, Shannon, went to V Festival. You got louder lounge passes so you were basically classed as v.i.p.s there. Everything was great and so exciting, until you meet that one boy who flips your entire world around. You stay in touch even after the festival, and things start to get serious. He makes you feel something you've never felt Will it last? Will it fizzle out? Will something happen? Read to find out! ****will contain sexual content later on in the fan fiction*******


2. Chapter 2.

I finally finished packing and dragged my suitcase downstairs. Shannon was already waiting outside in the car so i took one more glance around my house, grabbed my phone and purse from the side and set off outside.

I locked my door behind me and dragged my heavy suitcase to the car. After i had managed to put my suitcase in the boot i jumped into the passenger seat and we set off.

All the way we had the cd's of the artists we were going to see playing such as Katy B, Passenger, The Saturdays etc.

About half an hour before we arrived, Shannon put on One Direction's cd. I must say i was a big fan, but i wasn't one of those fans that go crazy over them.

"How come you've put this cd on, they aren't on at this festival?" i asked.

"Well, how do you know? After all, i didn't give you the list of the artists that are playing." She replied smirking.

"You mean, One Direction are actually going to be there? Oh my god, this means we might get to meet them and everything because we've got v.i.p passes!" i said jumping in my seat, starting to fangirl.

"Calm down Ella! And about that, One Direction aren't staying in the louder lounge apartments, so i doubt we'll get to meet them, but anyway, at least we'll get to see them live!" She told me.

"Oh right" i said, slightly disappointed. "Oh well, like you said, at least we'll get to see them!" I added, lifting my mood.

After a few tracks from the One Direction cd, Midnight Memories, we finally arrived.

We both jumped out of the car and took our suitcases out of the boot.

Because we were in the Louder Lounge, we weren't camping, we had our own little apartment to stay in for the few days that we were here.

We unpacked and got changed out of our traveling clothes. As it was the middle of summer and really hot outside, Shannon wore shorts and a flowery top, while i was more girly and wore a pink summer dress that came to the middle of my thighs. We both wore sandals and a few accessories, and i had my hair down and wavy, while Shannon had hers up in a bun.

We left our apartment and headed to the v.i.p area of the main stage to watch the first act, Katy B.

We danced our way through the first 3 acts. We decided not to get drunk on the first night, so we stuck to lemonade and other fizzy drinks.

One Direction had just been on and they were AMAZING!!! I really didn't want them to go off stage but of course they had to at some point. That put my mood down a little as Passenger was on next, and i didn't particularly like him. Shannon loved him though so i had to watch him for her sake. I really wanted One Direction to come on again, but that was impossible. I mean, they weren't even staying on the site! But i must say, Harry in particular looked extremely hot tonight, all i could say was wow. I couldn't get the image of him on stage out if my mind.

I was sat on the couch in a mood while Shannon was standing up waving her arms.

I was in a daze, in my own little bubble when somebody came running through the door.

"Erm, excuse me, does anybody know where a toilet is around here?" They asked shouting over the music.

I snapped out of my daze and looked up.

Our eyes immediately locked.


Hey guys,what did you think of this chapter?

Thank you for reading and if you think it is boring, trust me in the next couple of chapters you'll love it! I have real big plans for this book.

Soooo, who do you think she locked eyes with? Let me know what you think in the comments!

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