Black Veil brides Ashelys little sister

This story is about Ashely finding out he has a little sister and he takes her in and looks after the 16 year old as he shows her what BVB was about and the band members lead singer Andy Biersack falls in love with Esther but that doesn't go down well with Ashely as poor CC , Jake and Jinx's try's and makes sure the band doesn't fall apart what will happen the the black veil brides. This book is also on wattpad


2. new home

Esther P.O.V

My jaw dropped as Ann told me about him is he seriously my brother no way I can't believe it but why would he come all this way just to meet me OMG this is like the best and scariest day in my hole life I always wanted to know him XD but what if he hates me, ah what I'm I meant to do? Calm down Esther said Ann everything is gonna be fine and she give a smile of joy right then so I followed her down the stairs,

my brother was being attacked by sluts girls leave Mr Purdy alone said Ann, alright miss the fake barbies said skipping along, sorry about that I said quickly to him and I looked down,

Ha it's oh ok anyways lift for head up girl how is anyone going to talk without eye-contact Ashely said I give him a smile as I looked back up...... Right then you 2 follow me so yep we followed her into the interview room there people like get to know each other and shit, Ann left us alone to chat a awkward silents past a few minutes when Ashely started to talk so I'm Ashely your big bro and I heard you earlier asking who the failed gay looking rock star was said Ashley,

shit sorry I said Ashely laughed no it's fine I get it all the time well apart from failed rock star so the answers to your questions are no I'm not gay, yes I am a rock star and nope I'm not a failure rock star Ashely said I laughed cool you like Rock n Roll too?? I asked well duh Ashely said oh ya and I laughed so what's your favourite bands/artists Ashely asked me well I like Falling In Reverse, Hollywood Undead, Muse, Ghost town, maybe Green day I don't know really You?? Nice bands I know some of them actually I have work with some of them well all apart from Muse Ashley said wow really? I asked,

yep Ashley said I sure anyways have you heard of The Black Veil Brides? Ashley asked me Nope who are they? I asked his jaw dropped in shock you seriously haven't heard of The Black Veil Brides Ashely said Nope like I said never heard of them I said in a cocky tone then Ashley pulled out his iPhone something and played a song called Rebel Love..... As the song ended my eyes grew bigger OMFG they are AWSOME!! Why haven't I heard of them before and Ashley laughed so you like The Black Veil Brides Ashley asked, Yep they sound wicked! And he smiled what would happen if I knew them He asked me I don't really know why do you ask? I said, Just wondering as that's the band I'm in he said quickly but easy to hear, again my mouth dropped You guys are freaking AWESOME!! I yelled whoops sorry I didn't mean to yell I said,

It's fine lol don't worry well maybe if you want we can get to know each other better and you can come along on tour or something Ashely said, what really so you want to get to know me I said in shock, Why do you sound so surprised your my sister Ashely said and smiled moving his hair of his shoulders..... It's just I thought no one cared that's all I said rubbing the back of my neck,

well now you got someone that cares I lost you for years without knowing and now I know I'm going to spend much time with you as we lost all these years Ashley said smiling and looking like he was gonna cry,

hey don't cry like you said hold ya head up high I said which made him laugh just then Ann walked in is everything fine? She asked yep fine totally fine we both said That's good but I'm sorry to say but we need to get a move on moving your stuff to the van Ann said looking at me wait what said Ashley, I'm 16 teen now that's the legal age for me to live by my self I said with Ann nodding at every word I said I don't like the sound of that your still a kid Ashely said, I'm tuff anyways I will be fine I said standing up with him standing up after me, I still don't like the sound of that anything could happen right this might sound crazy but how's about you come live with me till your older when your a resolvable age to live by your self and safe Ashely said, what really? But we only like known each other like a hour now I said, but it's safer for you at a young age Ashley said Ann butted in she's got a point but so do you, really I don't want Esther to be leaving at this age but if she did go with you that's over to the US and what if she wanted to come back or you to fall out or something said a worrying Ann if she wanted to come back she could I would pay for her and if we did fall out I wouldn't kick her out nothing I'm not like that and I would help her find a place when she wants to move Ashely said and then they both looked at me Ann said well Esther it's up to you............................................................................................ Oh ok yes I will I said in shock are you sure now Esther Ann said to me Yes I've never been so sure in my hole life Ashely smiled at what I said and Ann said as long as your sure hey at least now Crystal you got a family said Ashely and I walked over to him giving him a deaf grip hug I need to breath believe it not Esther said Ashely cocking whoops sorry and we all laughed.

Ashley's P.O.V

XD it's been a week so mine and Esther's flight is there Ann said goodbye to us and wished us luck, me and Esther have been getting to know each other more this past week I still can't believe she said yes to coming,

the doctor gave her a all cleaver so it was safe for her to fly the guys have been phoning and texting me but I just don't know what to say so I haven't been replying or picking up the phone I shown Esther videos of shows and interviews of us and told her about the guys and boy did she like the music, I said I would show her how to play the guitar but for now it's time to relax.

Dear Diary,

Hey ya it's Ash yep I love my little sister we have so god dam much in common like pranks, music, clothes, jokes and stuff oh and also found out she can play drums ha CC is gonna be happy but I'm so teaching her the guitar This is gonna be epic, so on the flight home with Esther so wright in you fucker later

Ash ^_^

Buzz went my phone

Andy- right that's it if you don't tell us where you are so god help us we will phone the police of an missing Ash and it will go Media

Jinx- fuck man come on it's only a text we are all worried just text us back that your safe

CC- your in shit street with Andy he's worrying sick he had no news now for over an week

Jake- -_- hey what's up with you anyways text back, a red Andy about to flip and phone the police and say your missing see ya later motherfucker ;)

Me (send too all) - ah sorry guys I broke my phone it's working now I'm on my way home on a plane meet me at the airport I got someone you guys need to met see ya laters Ash

Andy- right we are on are way and ha Dumas broke your phone again you fucking phone murder.

OMfg these people aii lol boy don't they worry and shit, I looked over to Esther which was beside me fast asleep Aw

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