Black Veil brides Ashelys little sister

This story is about Ashely finding out he has a little sister and he takes her in and looks after the 16 year old as he shows her what BVB was about and the band members lead singer Andy Biersack falls in love with Esther but that doesn't go down well with Ashely as poor CC , Jake and Jinx's try's and makes sure the band doesn't fall apart what will happen the the black veil brides. This book is also on wattpad


1. I have a sister

Hey I'm Esther, I'm 16 teen years old I live in an orphanage yep soon I will being leaving cause of my age I never new my parents they died when I was young so ya let's move on from that shall we, all I know is I got an older brother that went and lived with our grandparents, ya your probably thinking why I didn't go with him well let's start I was like a new born baby and he was oh I don't know young and I had a medical problem I got something wrong with my heart and I also got an hole in my heart so I have to take these tablets to stop it for ripping open so like I was saying my grandparents couldn't look after the pair of us and specially me due to my heart so as my brother was older they touch him on, Ann my care worker said it broke their hearts but they had no choice and the reason why they never came and visit is that it would brake there hearts as mine so they never told my brother he had a little sister yep I was in an orphanage at 2 days old I didn't blame them for there choices but there could of been another way, so I was looking into my family history as best as I could as I didn't know there names, they stayed anomalous so I researched my last name Purdy I didn't find much oh well at least I tried and now i just found out my grandparents died and my brother was somewhere in the USA, fuck in hell, Ya I live in the UK my mother give birth to me there but she and my father died there too they where on a brake away and stuff happened that's another reason why I'm in the orphanage as at my age and medical condition it wouldn't be safe for me alone to travel to the USA so this was my life I guess, it's the 16th of April 2013 I was in my room packing my stuff away for my new home I touch off my wall posters of bands I liked nothing fantastic then suddenly Ann bursts in, You will never guess what Ann said In a tried but excited voice Ah what now my new flat burned down? I said to her haha No but something better Ann said then a gay looking failed rock star stood by the door his long black hair sort of to the side with this star hat on with tight looking black skinny jeans with studded boots and metal chains on this right side with a black tight top that read BVB (what the fuck does BVB mean??) Hello the man said in a light and happy tone looking like he's gonna cry I look at both of them WTF is going on?? Ashely will you go back down stairs please Ann said Alright Ashley replied then he left,

Um who's the gay failed looking rock star I said to her pushing my hands throw my black and blue hair, Thats your brother Ann said quickly but understandable, tears left my face You better not be fucking with me I said in a socked but stern tone, Would I be that sick Ann said OMG I said crying it..... It can't be can it??

Ann gave me a hug yes it is now don't cry be happy She said I am happy I said happily Right now would you like to meet him??? Ann asked me YES! Of course I yelled alright alright calm the fuck down Ann said wow your not meant to swear your a care worker I said in my normal cocky tone SHH that's our secret Ann said and winked now let's go meet your brother.

Ashely's P.O.V

Dear diary,

Hey it's Ashely I know I haven't wrote in you in awhile so fuck it I am now it's been six weeks since my grandparents died in that crash it's still a shock really, the guys have been very supportive and I'm great full, ah shit the phones ringing Brb..................

I.... I ...... I got a sister?? I just came off the phone from the family history people and they found a recored of a girl being born under my parents names but why didn't my grandparents say I.....i..... Oh my god I'm a big bro right I'm going to look into that love ya diary

Ash ^_^

I placed my dairy on the mantel piece my mouth still wide open I was shocked why wasn't I told sooner I pick up my car keys and cell phone and locked up the house and jumped into the car and drove off, I was going to find more information about this, I walked into the history office with a swag so....... i said to the repetition lady Yes she said Um right oh ya Mr Purdy I got an meeting with a Mr Smith, Right I will look now..... Tap tap tap on the crap looking computer, right room 6 have a nice day she said, Thanks I said and walked off with my swag still on I walked in without nocking and sat down in the chair in front of me, right then how the fuck have I got a sister? I said, oh hello Mr Purdy these are the papers and stuff that will tell you everything said Mr Smith Right so I read this and I will know about my sister, Yes mr Smith said tapping away on another shit looking computer Thanks I said and left with the papers right then.............................................

Her name is Esther 16 teen years old 25/01/1998 that's her birthday hang on that's the date mother and father died Shit that poor girl she has a heart problem and it said that my grandparents said to keep her there in the UK due to the risks of the plane and also that they couldn't look after her with all the health problems and stated that they don't want me finding out...... I....I can't believe it I read on fuck she's been done for GBH, violates, and the list went on ha criminal damage she said at the police interview that the slut had it coming for bullying her gay friend and well the brick might have been um over done I admit that, fuck she put a brick through the window and sprayed the house with swear words, Over bullying dam that girl has a bad tempter god she so touch after my grandad for that..... There's an address 13, Garden street Ebbw vale wales Np21 5LR Uk ah right I searched the address on my phone Teenage Ebbw Vale Ophanage it read and there was a number well there goes nothing I copied and pasted it into my contacts and rang the number.

Me - Hello

Unknown - Hello this is Teenage Ebbw Vale Orphanage how can I help you?

Me - um hi, I just found out my sister lives here and I wanted to know if she did.

Unknown - right and what's her name please sir?

Me - Esther Purdy 16 year old

Unknown - oh Esther your lucky in her care worker Ann who is this again?

Me - I'm Ashely Purdy

Ann - oh your the little boy from years ago aren't you?

Me - ya is there anyway I can met her or??

Ann - Yea if you want we can work something out I will need your details and I will go talk to her now

Me - (I gave her my information) and ya Ann don't tell her I want to supervise her is that oh ok

Ann - Ya it's oh ok is it possible that you can get there in 2 weeks or sooner?

Me - I can get there In 2 days is that fine around about 12

Ann - ya that's fantastic I will met you then thank you Mr Purdy

Me - Thank you good day

Ann - good day sir

End of phone call

So in 2 days I will see my sister right better get packing and get a ticket I can't believe this is happening that poor girl away from her family her hole life.

2 days later

The taxi pulled up to the house Fuck Me it's big I got out and payed the driver Thanks mate I said and he drove off I walked to the door kids looked from the windows Hello I yelled and nocked the door and a red head opened, girl in her late 30s I guess hello um I'm Mr Purdy I'm there to met a woman called Ann and my sister I said shy like Oh hello I'm Ann come on in said Ann she touch me to a office, there where teens very where,...

I proved who I was then a hyper looking Ann ran up the stairs to tell and get Esther few moments past teens look at me and giggled fuck this shit I went up the stairs it wasn't hard finding them as boy they could shout at each other fuck I think they where louder than Jake and Jinx over a football match well it's rugby in the country oh well I stood by the door, and there stood Esther she had black hair with Blue high lights she worn a skull top with red and black skinny jeans and black daps she had her noise, lip and ear piercings and gothic make up thank god she wasn't a blond dull slut, I see how we are related this girl has taste Hello I said and I had a WTF is going on from Esther (ha nice) Ann asked for me to leave so she can tell Esther I guess, I left the room hearing who's the gay failed looking rock star oh charming sis.

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