Accidentally in Love

Acacia Thompson was described as a perfect girl to strangers but if you get to know her more, you'll find her as an unfortunate one. She gets treated as a slave by her stepsisters, get's bullied by the school's baddest boy in school and what's worse is that, she's got no friends at all. She's hated by everyone in school except for a kind friend who cares for her so much. Her life was dreadful until she suddenly became close with her bully.


8. Chapter 8

-Acacia's P.O.V- 

I thumped my bag in my chair and I just sat there in silence. I didn't want to talk to anybody, not even Casandra. 
"Hey." I heard Harry's voice called out to me. 
"Hi." I replied blandly, still staring at the blank space. 
I saw Casandra left the room, which I knew perfectly why. She wanted to leave me and Harry alone in the room. Yes, the both of us were left together in the same room. 
I wasn't looking at Harry and I realized I was still staring at the empty space. I quickly jerked my head at Harry and the both of us made eye contact right away. Elizabeth was right, he had been keeping his eyes on me. 
"So, are you free tonight?" Harry asked and I felt my heart leap.
"Why do you ask?" I asked him back. 
"I uh, wondered if we could start doing the project later." He replied and I smiled. 
"Sorry, I wanted to study later." I told him and he smiled and flashed his dimples. 
His smile was so cute. Whenever he smiles, every problem I had would disappear and I would be even more relaxed and calmer. 
"You don't study, don't you Harry?" The words slipped out of my mouth so suddenly without thinking. He just shook his head, which didn't surprise me. 
"I don't study unless I really need to." He told me and I just let out a giggle. 
"What do you do in your free time?" I asked him once again. 
"I just hang out in a place I usually hang around in." Harry told me. 
"I didn't expect that." I admitted. 
"Why?" He asked. 
"I thought you would be hanging out with Elizabeth or something." I answered frankly. 
"Nah, I'd rather not." Harry admitted and we both laughed. 
Suddenly, students started entering the classroom and the both of us stopped staring at each other. The teacher soon came in and we proceeded with the lesson. 


"So, tell me what happened." Casandra told me with a sly smile, leaning in to me while she was chewing her food. 
"What are you talking about?" I asked while I took a bite of my tuna sandwich. 
"You know, what were you and Harry talking about?" Casandra said and I just giggled. 
"Nothing much." I replied.
"Too bad." Casandra told me with a frown which made me laugh. "You and Harry might be cute together, you know!" She whispered out and the both of us laughed together.
"I don't think that's true." I admitted after containing my laughter. 
"I've got a question, Acacia." She said and took another bite of her food. 
"What is it?" I asked, sipping on my glass of water. 
"Are you in love with Harry?" Casandra asked me with a serious look on her face. 
I looked down to the ground. "That's what I'm afraid of." I admitted again. 
"What are you afraid of?" Casandra asked me. 
"The thing that happened to you in the 8th grade!" I exclaimed and she just let out a laugh. 
"Yeah, I'm afraid of that too. I guess you've gotta watch out. But, the thing is I'm gullible while you're not. So don't worry about it." Casandra explained and I smiled. 
We finished eating our lunch. Casandra wanted to head down to the library for some reason while I wanted to go to the empty hallway on my own, that's why we parted ways. 
I went to the empty hallway and I saw somebody sitting down, leaning on the wall. I noticed it was Harry. 
"Harry?" I called out and he turned to me. 
"Acacia?" He said and I walked to him. "So, what are you doing?" I asked him as I reached him. 
I realized he was reading a book and he shut it close. He got up. 
"Reading a book, what else?" He stated and I smiled. "You're right." I said. 
"So, where's your other friend you know... Casandra?" He asked awkwardly. 
"In the library." I answered. "She wanted to borrow this book, I guess."
"That explains why you're alone." He scoffed and we both laughed. 
His laugh was so wonderful and so contagious. Listening to his laugh made you want to laugh as well. So angelic like. 
He walked towards me and reached my hair from behind me and started stroking my hair, which I braided myself. "Your hair is beautiful today." He told me, still stroking my hair. 
I liked it when other people strokes my hair, it reminds me of my mom. My mom would mostly stoke my hair whenever I cry especially whenever she sees my stepsisters treating me like I'm a slave. 
I smiled as Harry kept stroking my hair. 
"By the way, why are you here anyway? I hang out here all the time and I have never seen you hang around here ever." I explained to Harry. He stopped stroking my hair after that. 
"That's what you think." He scoffed and gave me a smirk. 
"Also, about last night..." My voice trailed away and he just covered my mouth. 
"Just forget about it. I didn't mean it. I'm very sorry about that." He apologized and removed his hand from my mouth. 
"How about the part of you making me fall for you?" I asked and he smiled. 
"Of course, that's true. You want me to?" He asked. I gave him a smile. "Challenge accepted." I told him, raising my hand towards him. 
"Fine then." He told me after we shook each other's hands and he strode away leaving the hall. 
Okay, I've gotta admit. I thought he would do something sweet to me, though he didn't. Which bothered me in a way. 
When I was suppose to sit down, the bell rang which me pissed. I just went to my next class right away. 

-After School-

"Acacia!" I heard Casandra called out to me. She was holding up a book high up in the air. 
"Hey Casandra." I greeted her as I slammed my locker shut. 
She opened her locker and she threw her books in it, leaving one in her arm and slammed her locker shut. 
"I got the book I've been looking for for ages!" She announced, pointing at her book grandly. 
I don't actually mind talking about books with Casandra, she was a big fan of books and she spends everyday reading one, unless she gets bored with the book she's currently reading. 
"Cool, you've finally got it from the library." I smiled and she giggled. "Yeah, I'm so happy! It's a Romance, Fiction Novel. I heard it was really nice from my older sister." She explained. 
I loved love stories and I want my life to become like one. I wanted to meet a perfect boy who, one day, will be my boyfriend. But I knew Har- Wait, why am I think of Harry? 
"Hey, slut." I heard Elizabeth's voice and I turned around to find her smirking at me along with her other friends. 
"Hello there, whore." I growled and smiled.
"How many times should I tell you to stay from my boyfriend, you bitch?!" Elizabeth groaned and she quickly kicked me with her high heels. 
"What are you talking about?" I asked. She kicked me to the ground. 
"I heard you and Harry were talking about something, whore." She said and kicked me multiple times in the stomach. Damn it, it hurts. 
Her friends moved closer to me and kicked me like how Elizabeth did, though they kicked me in different parts, but the hardest one was in my head. I heard a lot of people laughing at me. 
"STOP!" Elizabeth commanded and they left me alone. 
"You... heard our conversation?" I muttered under my breath, trying to catch my breath.
"Yeah, I did. Why?" She replied and kicked me once more. 
"Everything?" I asked and she just smirked. 
"The part where he said about him making you fall for him." She said and kicked me once more. 
"He was the one who said it, not me." I reminded her and she just gave a ridiculous laugh. "I don't care little girl." She said. "Just stay out of his way or else I'll wreck you apart." She and her friends just laughed again as Elizabeth kicked me again in the same spot. 
I was looking at Casandra but she wasn't looking at me, she was looking at Elizabeth. She was clenching her hands and she quickly slapped Elizabeth. 
"Leave my best friend alone." Casandra said which astonished me. 
"Who told you to slap me?" Elizabeth snapped and slapped Casandra back. 
I saw Casandra's hand, it was giving me the sing to run away, so I did. 
"My conscience, why?" Casandra snapped back. 
I reached the parking lot in no time and I couldn't drive my bike, not under these circumstances. I used up all of my strength to run away from that hellhole to here. 
I realized Elizabeth kicked me harder than I thought. She kicked me in the stomach to the point that I wanted to puke. Her friends kicked me to the point where I felt dizzy, and I did. I leaned on the wall and I slowly sat down. 


I needed Harry. Where is he when I needed him most? He's the only one I need right now, no one else. Only him.


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