Accidentally in Love

Acacia Thompson was described as a perfect girl to strangers but if you get to know her more, you'll find her as an unfortunate one. She gets treated as a slave by her stepsisters, get's bullied by the school's baddest boy in school and what's worse is that, she's got no friends at all. She's hated by everyone in school except for a kind friend who cares for her so much. Her life was dreadful until she suddenly became close with her bully.


6. Chapter 6

-Acacia's P.O.V-

I quickly sat down on my chair as I arrived to my class. Harry wasn't there yet. I sighed in relief.
I was glad that Harry wasn't here yet cause if I ever see him, I know I might start crying after what happened a while ago.
"Hey." A low voice from behind said. "Hello there." I greeted Harry as he walked in, not taking a chance to look at him. There weren't much people other than me and Casandra in the classroom right now, but now it's me and Harry since Casandra wanted to go to the Comfort Room. 
"Hey, about a while ago." Harry told me.
"What is it?" I asked, still not even taking a glance at him. 
"I didn't mean to do that..." Harry's voice faltered when I looked at him. 
"Then, why did you do it?" I snapped. 
"It's because of my friends and Elizabeth, alright?" Harry told me "I'm sorry." He stroked my hair right after apologizing to me, his gaze at my eyes. 
I suddenly became calm. I liked the way people stroke my hair, it makes me relax more.
"Apology accepted." I said and Harry flashed a smile at me, his dimples appearing. Why is his smile so gorgeous?
"You were about to cry, weren't you?" Harry told me. "I just didn't want Elizabeth know about you and me becoming friends, alright?"
Then, that's how it hit me. I didn't want to be friends nor enemies. I didn't want to be his best friend, I wanted to be more than that. 
Though, I knew there wasn't a chance that would ever happen. 
"It's alright." I told him and I knew that I wanted to cry right after hearing him say 'friends'.
The class began and it went out smoothly. Harry and I didn't talk the rest of the day, which made me upset. 

-After School-

I went to my locker and placed my books in it. As I turned around, I found out Harry was behind me the whole time.
"What are you doing here?" I asked Harry as I slammed my locker shut. 
"Aren't we going to do our Math Homework?" Harry asked me and I nodded. "Yeah, I forgot." I said. 
"Harry!" I heard Elizabeth call out, walking towards him. "What are you doing here with the slut?" Elizabeth asked Harry. 
"Nothing special. We were just going to our house to the Math Homework together, since we were assigned to do it." Harry explained. 
Elizabeth scowled at me. "Well then bitch," Elizabeth turned to me. "Don't do any unnecessary things to my boyfriend unless I tell you to, got that?" Elizabeth demanded and kicked me with her high heels. Damn, those hurt. "Or you'll just get that from me." Then, she walked away, but before that.
"By the way Harry, I feel bad that you got partnered up with a whore like her." Elizabeth finished and strode away. 
I was clenching my fists without noticing it. I just wanted to punch her, but I knew I can't. Deep down in my heart, I knew she was still my friend. I haven't told you anything, have I?
Elizabeth was one of my best friends before, along with Casandra. Until Harry came along and found out Harry didn't like teens like me. She had a huge crush on Harry when he first arrived, so she just had to abandon me and start avoiding me after that. She just left me like I was trash when I was in the 7th Grade. We were the best of best friends in the whole school. Our bond was like no other and we were so great together, and I blamed Harry for ruining our friendship and those moments.
"What are you waiting for?" Harry snapped me out of my thoughts. "Let's go." Harry walked his way out of the school and I followed him. 
"Wait up!" I called out and walked faster. 
We reached my home in no time, Harry kept silent the whole time, and I couldn't handle the silence. Plus, I wasn't sure I was use to the silence of Harry not bullying me. 
"Hurry up slut." Harry kicked my bottom leg to let me walk faster. 
That's better, though it hurt.
I unlocked my door and saw my family going out again. 
"Who's this?" My stepmother eyed Harry as I walked inside. 
"Harry, a friend of mine." I told her and she gave out a sweet smile. 
"Greetings Harry." She greeted Harry and Harry smiled back. "Evening." He greeted back. 
"Now, Acacia, clean up the house before we come back, okay?" She told me and I nodded. 
"Bye slut." Katherine said to me, kicked me, I obviously tripped. The three of them just laughed and shut the door behind me. 
"Man, they're whores." Harry said, looking over the door. 
"You said it." I said and he pulled me up. 
"Now, let's quickly do our Math Homework." Harry told me. 
"R-Right..." I uttered out and we quickly went up to my bedroom. Why is it that this is getting awkward?
When we arrived to my room, I brought the Homework out and placed it on my desk in where we both worked in.
"Now, do you know how to find the solution to this problem?" I asked him and he just stared at the sheet of paper. 
He just kept staring at it, cutely if I should mention. I could tell he couldn't understand anything about it. 
"Well?" I asked. 
"I don't really know." He admitted.

-Harry's P.O.V- 

"Could you teach me how?" I begged.
"Fine." She rolled her eyes and I gave her a smirk. 
Damn, her eyes are dazzling. No matter what she does with them, they're still so gorgeous. But, I'm not sure if she really is more gorgeous than Elizabeth. But I'm sure my heart will always belong to Elizabeth, no matter what. 
"Are you listening?" She snapped as she caught me staring at me and I flinched. 
"Could repeat that again?" I asked, licking my bottom lip. 
"Sure, the method is quite simple." She muttered. 
Her voice was soft and gentle like nobody else's. I don't know why, but I just stare at her whenever she does something random. It's just that, she's... Dang it Harry! Stop daydreaming! Focus on the homework! 
"Got it?" Acacia finished and leaned back on her chair. 
"Yeah, a bit." I admitted. 
She heaved out a sigh. "We won't finish the homework together at this state. You still don't fully understand what I'm saying." She told me. 
"I think so too." I told her. 
She rolled her eyes. "The teachers were right." She told me. 
"About what?" I asked. 
That you were stupid, you're not a good role model for kids. You're a delinquent, you won't even understand how to solve a simple Math Problem!" She told me. "Though, I don't mind. You could go home now, I'll do it myself." 
I just smirked. 
"I knew that." I told her. " I don't want to leave though." 
"Then don't leave. I'll just go to the Kitchen to get ourselves a snack." She told me and got up, but before she could leave, I grabbed her arm. 
"Don't go." I told her. 
"Why can't I?" Acacia asked and I pushed her to the wall. 
"Cause I found out one thing." I told her and I saw her turn red as I pinned to the wall. She could feel my hot breath, I could tell since I was inches away from her face. 
"What did you find out? What the answer to the Math problem is?" She asked me. 
"Not that." I told her. "You like me, don't you Acacia Thompson?" 
"Never." She told me. Though, I could see it in her eyes, she liked me. I chuckled. 
"If you don't," I began. "do you want me to force you to?" 
Her eyes widened and she kicked me. I let her go after that. 
"Good luck with that." She spat on my shirt and I rubbed it off. 
"You really are a whore." I growled and grabbed my bag. "See you tomorrow, slut." I quickly walked downstairs and out of her house. 


I didn't really want to say those pathetic words to her... But I can't help it. 
Offending her would allow me to hide my secret... My secret of starting to fall for her.


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