Accidentally in Love

Acacia Thompson was described as a perfect girl to strangers but if you get to know her more, you'll find her as an unfortunate one. She gets treated as a slave by her stepsisters, get's bullied by the school's baddest boy in school and what's worse is that, she's got no friends at all. She's hated by everyone in school except for a kind friend who cares for her so much. Her life was dreadful until she suddenly became close with her bully.


3. Chapter 3

-Harry's P.O.V-

I don't think this is a pretty good idea. Walking with a loser to her own house is sorta lame. But, who knows? I could probably see her family and lie about the evil deeds their little Acacia had been doing in school. 
"What's with that smirk?" Acacia asked me out of nowhere and I realized I was smiling at the thought to myself. 
"Why do you even bother?" I asked her and she rolled her eyes. This whore really does love rolling her eyes. "You do love rolling your eyes a lot, don't you?" I mocked Acacia and she did it once more. 
"It's not my fault." Acacia told me. "If you say so, whore." I walked faster and she shouted at me. "HEY! WAIT UP." 
"Hurry up then!" I yelled back and I've got a feeling that she didn't even bother to chase me.
"We're here." She told me after we past a few houses along the way. We arrived to a simple house that didn't amaze me enough. But hey, at least I get to see her family. 

-Acacia's P.O.V- 

I told him we're already in my house, it was obvious that he really didn't like my house because of his expression.
"Let's go in." I told him. "I didn't expect it to be like this." He told me, scratching the back of his neck. 
"Why do you care?" I asked him and I opened the door to my house. I saw Sasha watching TV in her living room with Lauren. Katherine was in the Kitchen, eating a snack. Mary was probably using her laptop in her room. 
"Hello slave." Sasha greeted me scornfully. Harry heard it as he got in. 
"Who's this?" Lauren asked me. "Harry." I told them, not taking a glance at Harry. "Your boyfriend, right?" Sasha said. "Shut u-!" Harry covered my mouth before letting me finish what I was about to say. 
"Yes, I'm her boyfriend." Harry answered them for me. "H-Hey!" I muttered as he let go of my mouth. 
"You really are a slut." Katherine came from the Kitchen, listening to our Conversation. 
"Now, the punishment is to clean our house right after you do your business." Sasha told me.
"You could even massage my foot." Katherine said. 
"Now, go up whore." Sasha snapped. 
"Hey, I'm not even his girlfriend!" I told them, clenching my fists. "Just shut your mouth, bitch. You'll be massaging my feet soon." Katherine growled. "B-But..." I faltered and Sasha threw her glass at me. "Just go up!" Sasha snapped at me and I actually had shattered glass in my skin. 
"Yes..." I muttered and ran upstairs. Harry just saw that, did he? I felt like bursting into tears, but I held it in. I heard Harry following me upstairs. "Acacia!" He would shout out. 
I ran to my room and closed my door and lay down on my bed. "This is not good." I told myself as Harry went into my room. "Acacia?" He called out.
"Why'd you tell them that?" I asked Harry with a grumpy tone as I sat up. "Easy there." Harry said.
I folded my arms to my chest. "Now they're calling me a slut because of you." I told Harry, rolling my eyes. "I just wanted to go away from them." Harry told me, his voice softening. 
"Well you just made it worse." I growled as he looked at me. 
"Hey slave! Clean the house after dinner, alright?!" Mary yelled out from downstairs, along with my other sisters and I heard the door slammed shut. 
"I'm guessing they went out." I said. Harry just nodded. "Hey, how about the shattered pieces of glasses which were on your skin?" Harry asked me. 
I looked at Harry, who had a serious face. "Just forget about it. Some just went to my legs and arms." Then, I realized that my sleeves were ripped, my jeans had tiny holes in them and my limbs were bleeding. Damn, it hurts.
"No, remove your jeans and change into your shorts. Also, fold your sleeves up." Harry commanded me. "I can't." I told him. 
I haven't told you anything, have I? I cut. I cut every night. I wanted to because I wanted to die rather than to stay in this cruel world. I do it every night because of my horrible life. I had loads of scars all over my arms and legs and I don't think Harry will be happy about it. Wait, what am I saying? Of course he would be happy. Harry would start teasing me about it. 
"Why not?" He asked me, staring into my eyes. 
I sighed. "Just don't react." I warned him and folded my sleeves up. I just folded my jeans up high too. He stared at my scars with a confused look. 
"I cut, alright?" I answered him. "Why?" He asked me. I shook my head in reply. "Just please, get the first aid kit. It's on the shelf downstairs." 
He quickly ran to get the first aid kit. He arrived with it afterwards. He had a frown on his face every time he looks at my face, he even had mournful eyes. 
He knelt down to me and got the tweezers. Before using the tweezers to remove the shards of glass, he touched my scars. 
"Its' because of me, isn't it?" He finally stared straight into my eyes and I looked at his. I bit my lip and slowly nodded. 
He slowly got up and quickly sat beside me on the bed. "I'm sorry." He muttered under his breath and kissed me on the cheek. 



Was it just me? Or did Harry Edward Styles just apologize to me and kiss me on the cheek? 


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