Accidentally in Love

Acacia Thompson was described as a perfect girl to strangers but if you get to know her more, you'll find her as an unfortunate one. She gets treated as a slave by her stepsisters, get's bullied by the school's baddest boy in school and what's worse is that, she's got no friends at all. She's hated by everyone in school except for a kind friend who cares for her so much. Her life was dreadful until she suddenly became close with her bully.


11. Chapter 11

-Acacia's P.O.V-

I arrived to my classroom, humming merrily to myself. I kept imagining how Harry tried to pull away stomped his feet away from Elizabeth angrily. 
I sat on my chair, my gaze glued on Harry's chair. I caught a glimpse of Casandra walking out of the classroom, leaving me alone. Probably gonna go to the washroom? 
I caught a glimpse of the Entrance Door and I saw it left ajar. Then, Harry rushed inside not a moment ago. I darted my gaze away from Harry's chair and I sensed Harry's lips curled up to form a smile. 
He sat down on his chair and just stared at me, as usual. "I saw you talked with Elizabeth."  I spoke up since the silence and his gaze were already bothering me. I timidly looked at him and he was still staring at me. 
"She got angry at me." He spoke, his chin resting on his arm while his gaze is still glued on my face. "We're currently angry at each other." 
I felt relief inside me, but I didn't give any hints that I was. "Why?" I asked. 
"She says I talked about you more than not." I saw his face turn red as he finally turned his gaze away from me. "I just wanted her to stop hurting you, that's all." He admitted and the corner of my lips curled up into a smile. 
"Thank you." I said and I saw his lips curling up into a smile. 
"Don't mention it." He told me and place a finger on my lips. I blushed a little. 
"Acacia, I've been meaning to tell you something. " He said and leaned over to me, intensifying the eye contact between the both of us. 
"What is it?" I asked, somehow getting excited and nervous. 
"I've always wanted to tell you that I really really li-" He sputtered and glanced at the door and backed away. 
The door opened up and Casandra came in, smirking at the both of us. 
Harry fell silent and looked at the ground glumly. "Uh, what were you trying to tell me again?" I asked hesitantly and he looked up to me again. 
"Oh uh... I really really... Like to go to the park with you again later." Harry told me, a small smile visible on his face. 
"Okay." I agreed with a smile and we both nodded. 
To be honest, I really liked that park. Especially when Harry's there with me. 


-After School-


I slammed my locker door shut, as usual. 
"Tell me everything." Casandra said as she slammed hers. We didn't get to talk to each other since Casandra went to the library while I just stayed in the empty corridor alone.
I just gave her a smile. "He invited me to go to the park." I told her. "Just the both of us." I shrugged afterwards trying to seem like it wasn't a big of a deal for me. 
I heard her laugh. "Don't be so modest, that's so sweet of him!" She said as she patted me on the shoulder and I giggled. 
I felt someone tap my shoulder and I turned around to find Elizabeth right behind me. She had this unfathomable smile on her face. 
"Eliza-?!" She slapped me even before I could finish my sentence. "How many times do I have to tell you?!" She yelled at me. 
She kicked me to the ground and just did it over and over again.
"What?!" I struggled to shout back at her and she just kicked me with her foot. 
"When will you ever stop talking to my boyfriend?" She yelled back and kicked me again. 
"He's the one who talks to me." I explained while I was still laying on the ground, clutching on my foot. "He tells me that he talks to you just to stop you from hurting me, that's it!" I told her and I caught a glimpse of her frown. 
"Exactly." She said in an irritated tone. 
"What do you mean by that?" I asked and she just shook her head in disbelief. 
"You're so slow Acacia Thompson." She smirked and kicked me hard again. 
"What do you even mean by that?!" I asked, demanding for an answer this time. 
Her friends surrounded me as I tried to to get up this time, but then they punched me in the face, head, wherever they wanted to that pleasures them. 
I fell unconscious after one last punch in the face. 

I woke up after a while and it took me a while before I realized I was in the infirmary. I saw a pair of mesmerizing green eyes staring at me before I realized it was Harry. 
"Why am I here? What happened?" I said as I frantically got up. 
Harry smiled and he slowly pushed me back down on the bed. "You fainted." He calmly told me. 
"Who brought me here?" I asked. 
"I did." He told me, our eyes meeting. 
I blushed and he kissed my forehead, calming me down. " I didn't know she would do that." He muttered and I felt his hot breath on my face since he pressed his forehead against my forehead.
"I'm really sorry, I really am." He apologized, his green eyes staring straight into my eyes while he placed his hand on my cheek.
"No," I whispered "I'm sorry." He just smiled. 
"I punched Elizabeth afterwards." He blurted out and my eyes widened. 
"What?!" I said, raising my voice. "Don't worry," Harry said trying to calm me down. "I enjoyed it." He admitted and I let out a laugh.
"You're really nice, Harry." I admitted and his eyes stared into mine once again. "You're also very sweet." 
"No, you are." He said. "You're the nice one. You're the sweet one. You never do anything cruel to me and what I just do is bully you. And you still continue to be nice to me and you're brave enough to tolerate my attitude." He admitted, quite glumly. 
"Don't worry, I forgive you." I told him as I placed my hands on his cheeks and he smiled as we both closed our eyes together. 
I felt him leaning in, trying to close the gap between our lips. Yes, this was the moment I've been waiting for in such a long time, my first kiss. 
The door to the infirmary interrupted us it opened up and we both turned our heads to find a someone was by the door. It was a good looking guy with golden hair. 
"Hello." He said "I see you were having a moment here." He gave us a cocky grin. 
"Who are you?" Harry asked rudely. I could tell that he wasn't pleased at all that somebody barged into the room without knocking. 
"My name is Austin." The boy said. "I'm a new student, I came from Canada." Austin announced. 



A new student? He doesn't look too bad. He seemed really nice, and cute if I may add.


A/N: Sorry if I haven't been updating in such a long time loves. It's just that I've been really busy lately, but I'm trying to update as often as I can. :( Thanks for reading!! I'll try to update another chapter as soon as possible! Love you lots :) xx
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