Accidentally in Love

Acacia Thompson was described as a perfect girl to strangers but if you get to know her more, you'll find her as an unfortunate one. She gets treated as a slave by her stepsisters, get's bullied by the school's baddest boy in school and what's worse is that, she's got no friends at all. She's hated by everyone in school except for a kind friend who cares for her so much. Her life was dreadful until she suddenly became close with her bully.


10. Chapter 10

-Acacia's P.O.V-

It wasn't my imagination, right? Or was it? 
I doubt that it was. And, no it wasn't. Harry Styles just leaned into me just to kiss me, and I leaned in too. Good thing Harry pulled away since his cellphone rang. That was a close call! Harry grunted and got up as soon as his phone rang. 
"Yeah, hey babe." Harry said, not looking happy at all. I knew it was Elizabeth right away.
"I told you didn't I? I can't go with you neither this week nor next week!" Harry exclaimed, sounding a bit frustrated. 
Harry can't go with Elizabeth, nor have a date with her? For what reason? 
"Hey, I'm not hanging out with Acacia. Don't get so paranoid. Why would I go with her? That would be weird." Harry said, but I could see the guilt in his eyes. "No, I'm not. How many times should I tell you?" Harry groaned and he hung up the phone and sat beside me. 
I realized I wanted to cry after what Harry said. I'm just so stupid. I know Harry won't fall for me, never.
'He is in love with you' I heard a voice inside of me said and I just slapped myself. I kept on slapping myself like a lot of times until I felt warm hands hold my hand. 
"Hey, stop it." He told me. "You're gonna ruin your gorgeous face!" He exclaimed and I looked away. I felt my cheeks heating up.
"I'm not gorgeous." I insisted him on telling me the truth. "I'm ugly like a fat pig." 
I heard him chuckle and he caressed my cheeks. "You're just fooling yourself." He said, his voice filled with sincerity. He looked straight into my eyes, I could see how serious he was. Tears were threatening to come out, though I tried my best to stop them. He kissed my cheek after that. 
"Don't cry. I just didn't want Elizabeth to hurt you." Harry explained. "If I told her we were together, wouldn't she just get jealous and you'll get beaten up again?" 
I smiled as I thought about his explanation and looked at him deep into his eyes. "Thank you so much Harry, that made me so much better." I told him and he smiled back.
He checked his watch and looked back at me. "It's already 7:08." He said. "I've gotta go home." He grabbed his bag from the swing and got up. 
"See you tomorrow." Harry said as he waved me goodbye and I waved him back one. He walked away and I just stood there, frozen until he was out of sight. 
"That's it." I told myself and walked away. "I'm seriously in love with him. This was never expected." I said. 
I finally reached my house and noticed how empty the driveway was. I unlocked my door and as usual, my family wasn't home, which made me happy. 
I went up to my room and into my bathroom, staring at my own reflection in the mirror.  I saw a smile on my face, a genuine smile. But my eyes trailed away to the blade on the counter. I had the urge to do it... But I had another reason to live. 
I've gotta to admit... Harry is really sweet, nice, and good-looking after all. I mustn't forget about how hot he is. I quickly shoved myself to my bed and closed my eyes. That's how I fell asleep. 

-The Next Morning- 

I woke up 30 minutes before my alarm could ring and I shut it off. I stretched my arms and looked out at the window. I heard birds chirping from outside. 
To be honest, this was the first beautiful morning I had in years.

I took a shower and tied my hair into a braid. I liked it that way I hastily chose my clothes, making sure none of my scars would be revealed.
I grabbed my bag from my desk and went downstairs, dragging my feet as I step on each step. 
"Eat up slut." My stepmother demanded from across the room and I just shrugged. I grabbed my sandwich and munched on it. 

"Where were you yesterday?" My father asked me. "I just went to the park with... My bully." I hesitated. 
My father was drinking coffee that time, so he almost spurted it out and the table would have been a huge mess. 
"You befriended him?" My father asked, placing down his newspaper. 
"Kinda." I told him. He smiled. "That's wonderful." He told me.
I smiled back at him. "I knew that." 
I grabbed my bag as I ate the last of my sandwich and waved a goodbye to my dad before running out of my house. 
For some reason, I was excited to see Harry today. 

-In School- 

I reached the parking lot and parked my bike. I walked in, ignoring the stares people gives me, and strode away to my locker. 
"Hey Acacia." Casandra called out. 
"'Sup Casandra!" I greeted her with a smile and slammed my locker shut. 
"It seems that you're happy today, that's great!" Casandra exclaimed. 
"You won't believe what happened last night." I breathed out. 
I saw Casandra smiled. "Something great happened between you and Harry, right?" Casandra said and I nodded. "Both of us almost kissed." I leaned in and whispered into her ear so that no one else would hear us. 
She gasped. "No way!" She said and I smiled. "He even brought me to the park while the sun was setting. I've gotta admit, he was practically sweet." I admitted and felt myself blush. 
"I feel like you're in love with him." Casandra teased, poking my cheek. 
"I am." I admitted and she just laughed. I knew how she loved listening to these type of conversations, especially rumors. 
"You're so cute." She told me and I grinned.
I turned around, to try to spot Harry, and to my amusement, I did. But when I did fully see him, my grin faded away and was replaced with a frown as I saw Harry leaning on the wall and Elizabeth kissing him.
I felt my heartbeat stop. My chest hurts really bad, I couldn't take it. 
"Casandra..." I called out to Casandra and she nodded.
We both strode away but I tried to looking back towards Harry, who pulled away from the kiss. The corner of my lips formed into a smile. 

-Harry's P.O.V-

"For Heaven's sake, would you stop kissing me?!" I yelled at Elizabeth as I pushed her away.
"What's wrong, Harry?" She asked me, tracing circles around my chest seductively. "Why don't you want to talk to me for a while?" 
"Didn't I tell you to stop playing with Acacia." I stated with a serious look and her smile disappeared. 
She rolled her eyes. "Why do talk about that whore nowadays?" She asked, my blood boiling as I heard her call Acacia a whore. 
"Cause I care about her." I snapped and I saw that she got hurt through her eyes. 
"Why do you care about her?" Elizabeth snapped back. I felt a small lump on my throat. 
Yeah, why do I care about her? I don't get it all. 
"Cause," I paused. "I feel bad about her, she did nothing to you and you do a lot of cruel and treacherous stuff to her." I explained. 
"But she almost broke our relationship! She almost stole me from you!" She yelled at me, which made me pissed. 
"For fuck's sake Liz, she did that when we were in the 8th Grade, we're now in the 11th grade! Past is past. You've gotta learn to forget for once, you know?" I snapped and she just rolled her eyes. 
She turned around. "Sometimes, you're not being yourself anymore. You've got a problem and you've gotta fix it yourself. Plus, something's wrong with you." She said and walked away. 
I was glad she walked away though, that means more time alone. To be honest, I really want to break up with that girl. 


She was right, something's wrong with me. I'm not myself anymore. I care a lot about Acacia now. 
I think, I just think. I'm really falling for her.


A/N: Hey loves, sorry I haven't been updating :( Apparently, I've been feeling down the past weeks. And school just started, so I won't be updating as much as I used to, especially because my school schedule is such a hassle and my new school is far from my house, so I often get home later than I usually do. So yeah, it's hard and exhausting, but I promise I'll try to update as soon as possible. Follow my Twitter for more updates just in case, which is found in my profile.
Love you lots, thanks so much for reading! xx :)  

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