Accidentally in Love

Acacia Thompson was described as a perfect girl to strangers but if you get to know her more, you'll find her as an unfortunate one. She gets treated as a slave by her stepsisters, get's bullied by the school's baddest boy in school and what's worse is that, she's got no friends at all. She's hated by everyone in school except for a kind friend who cares for her so much. Her life was dreadful until she suddenly became close with her bully.


1. Chapter 1

-Acacia's P.O.V-

You see that girl above? Yes, that's me. Yes, I am hideous and unattractive. If you say I'm pretty, cute, or whatsoever that's nice, well that's a lie. You're just cheering me up since I've never been liked by any boy in My Whole life. I am Acacia Thompson, and if you're asking me, I'm 17 Years Old, in Junior High. 
If you're thinking "She might have a wonderful life", well, you're wrong. My Life is miserable, never been perfect in my whole life. I have 3 Stepsisters and a little sister who treat me like I'm a slave. To be honest, they're all pretty and have a perfect life. In fact, My little sister, Lauren, get's all the attention in the house, meaning she's got a great life too.
In fact, I get bullied by everybody in School, I've only got one friend ever since the 7th Grade. I'm betting no one will ever like me especially Harry Styles, my bully. I hated my family. I hated my school. I hated Harry. I hated Myself. Most importantly, I hated my Life. 

I stared at the starry, night sky as I daydreamed of a wonderful and better life, as I always do. I heard the noise from downstairs, it was loud, party music. I was never allowed to join any parties My sisters make, except if they call me down to just let me act as their slave again. It's always like this every Saturday Night. 
They would party all night, nonstop, as if there was no tomorrow. 
"ACACIA!" Mary, my stepsister, called out. "COME DOWN HERE, NOW!" She shouted. "Coming..." I groaned. 
There they go again, calling me to do a lonely job without even a tip. I fixed my Clothes just to make sure they thought I wasn't a maid and ran downstairs. 
As I reached the bottom of my stair, I saw a puddle of beer beside Mary, who was standing beside it. There were also shattered glasses on the puddle. 
"Pick it up!" Mary commanded. "Excuse me?" I asked Mary, which wasn't a good reply. "I said 'PICK IT UP', you weirdo!" She exclaimed and I quickly grabbed gloves from my room and placed them in a dustpan. I soon mopped it up right after that.
"Very good slave." Mary said. "Now, I believe that Sasha is calling you to go to the Kitchen." 
I stomped to the Kitchen and I saw Sasha, waiting for me "Yes?" I asked politely. "Well? What will you say?" Sasha raised her tone in her voice, raising an eyebrow. "Yes Ma'm?" I asked, raising my Voice. 
"Very good. Get me a glass of wine." Sasha commanded. 
"What did you ask me to do, Ma'm? I asked. Sasha raised her eyebrow again. "Are you deaf?" Sasha asked. "Get me a glass of wine!" Sasha growled. I quickly got a bottle of wine and poured it into the glass. "Very good." Sasha told me. 
"Now could I leave?" I asked, impatiently. Sasha raised her eyebrow, this time, higher. "Ma'm?" I said. 
"Yes you may go, Acacia." Sasha said politely. 
I stomped my way up the Stairs. But, when I was going through the crowd, I saw lots of people making out. Now, that's gross and I ran faster. 
As I got into my room, I quickly lay down there, motionless. I just wish that I have a chance to change my life. As I stared at the full Moon, my eyelids grew tired and weary and I realized, I fell asleep, just like that. 
I just wish my life wasn't this bad. 

"ACACIA!" I heard a puny voice shout in my ear. I quickly woke up and saw Lauren sitting beside me. 
"Lauren?" I asked as I got up. "What's up?"
Lauren crossed her arms to her chest. "Mom, Mary, Sasha, Katherine, and dad left." Lauren announced. "They left you a chore to do." 
"What's that?" I asked. "Clean the house, they don't want a speck of dust anywhere." Lauren said. "Now, if you need me. I'll be staying in my room, playing video games." Lauren marched out of my room and I just sat there, full with anger. 
I actually don't understand why Lauren wasn't allowed to chores. They say she was 'too young' to do any chores, even though she's just a couple of years younger than me, making her 15. 
Either way, I couldn't do anything. They've agreed on it already and I can't change their minds. I turned my head to the clock, it was 1:08. It was really this late already? I quickly dressed up and went down to clean the whole house until evening. 
Well, there goes my Sunday. 

I couldn't sleep last night since I was really tired after eating my Dinner last night. I just went to clean the house, eat snacks, then clean again, took a warm shower right after cleaning, then ate dinner. Obviously, I brushed my teeth, I didn't want my breath to be stinky. I quickly went to bed right after that.
I stared at my alarm clock, it was 6:30 am. "I better get ready for school." I told myself. 
You're probably wondering why I still go to school even though I hated school, well... I need to go to school. I knew if that I go to school and studied hard enough, I get to have a scholarship and I could finally get out of this house and move to a dorm when I go to College, so that's what I'm aiming for first, before getting myself a love life. 
I quickly took a shower again and dressed up for school. I grabbed my bag from Katherine's Room, who always scribbled on my Textbook, which I don't bring home often. 
I toasted bread for myself since my family don't wake up right away since they're too dumb to drive me to school, that's why I go to school on my own, riding my bike, which my real Mother bought for me for my Birthday. My School wasn't that far, so I didn't mind. 
I quickly parked my Bike in where everybody park their own bike and marched to the Entrance. 
I heard someone screaming My name, I just ignored it and rolled my eyes and ran to the Locker. I quickly got my book for my first class, which was Science.
Right after getting My book from my Locker, someone slammed my Locker for me. It was Harry Styles, the bully. "Hello Slut." He greeted me with a smirk. 
I rolled my eyes and hastily pass him but he gripped my hand. "How rude." Harry said and slammed my head to the Locker. 
"What do you want?" I asked, looking away from him. "I just wanted to talk to you, as usual." Harry said. "Why? What's wrong with talking to me?" Harry asked.
"I don't care about you." I quickly grabbed my bag and felt him punching me in the Stomach, making me fall to the ground. "What's up with you?" Harry asked, kicking me in the same spot multiple times. 
"Harry!" A soft and sweet voice called out. His girlfriend, Elizabeth. "Coming gorgeous." Harry said before kicking me for the last time and walked away. 
"Damn you." I whispered, making sure he won't hear me. 


Yeah, this is my Life. I wish that I get a chance to change it.

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