Dangerously In Love

As much as I wanted him to stop I loved it. His eyes were full of hate and lust . "I hate you" I murmured "you're beautiful" he said "you're a dick" i whispered. He leaned in and brushed his lips on mine.


3. Chapter 3.

Suddenly realisation washed over me. I pushed Harry back, un wrapping my legs from his torso and began to tread water. He gave me a puzzled look before the realisation hit him too. I shook my head and swam over to Lou and El. "Hey T, what's up?" Lou asked, Louis was the only one who called me T, the others, well except Harry, called me Tori. "Cold I guess, what were you guys talking about?" "We were thinking about going camping. All of us together, I think it will be fun." I chuckled lightly "That actually sounds great." I felt someone lift me up and hold me around my waist, so I didn't have to tread water anymore. I turned to find Zayn. "Thanks" I laughed. "Don't want my best friend to be fitter than me now do we?" He winked. I wrapped my legs around his waist so it was easier for him, he acknowledged with a smile.

We stayed in the water a while longer until we all, more so Niall, got hungry. The sun beat down. quickly drying my hair. I lay on my towel on the hot sand, feeling the sun soak into my olive skin, tanning it more. Suddenly a darkness washed over me blocking out the sun. "Victoria!" "What!?" I said harshly, opening my eyes to the one face I didn't want to see. "Let's go." He started turning before I even had a chance to answer. "What, where?" I asked sitting up utterly confused, no one else was leaving and I sure as hell didn't want to go somewhere with Harry. "We have been nominated to get the chips, now come on." I rolled my eyes and sighed before throwing on my shorts and shoved my phone in my back pocket, Zayn threw me my flip-flops and I ran after Harry.

"Jesus, couldn't you have warn a shirt?!" Harry muttered as two good looking lads passed, grabbing an eye full of my tits. "Sorry does it bother you that they may get some and you never will?" I watched him roll his eyes, with no effort to retaliate. We walked up the beach through the soft sand and enjoying the sun. The rest of the walk was in silence, and if I'm honest I enjoyed it. We walked past little souvenir shops and little cafés and ended up at a little Fish N' Chip bar. We waited in line and Harry ordered, we took our order number and sat on a picnic table near by. I found it awkward as we didn't talk to each other, I was just about to ask him if he wanted a drink, when he had other intentions. "Why did you push me away?" He asked turning to face me. I thought for a second, trying to figure out which scenario he was talking about, then recent events entered my head. "I...Uhh, we don't exactly see eye to eye." I said, trying to look any where but him. "That's not a good enough answer." I was sort of taken back by his response. What am I suppose to say, umm maybe because you an arrogant arse hole, you use girls, because it made me question my feelings about you? Shit, what!? I don't have feelings for him! ...Do I? "Because you'll play with the little respect I have left for you, get what you want then get out." He opened his mouth to say something but was cut off by the waiter calling our number. We both got up without another word and went towards the waiter. I stretched on my tip toes to reach the order and as I did Harry's arm slid around my waist. He leaned down, his hot breath cascading down my neck, making my knees go week. His lips brushed my neck as he pulled me closer, "I would never use you." He whispered so only I could hear. I let out a short, ragged breath and reached for the order. "Thanks." I mumbled, almost inaudible, and made a swift exit. Again the walk back was silent, but this time I did mind it; it was seriously awkward. When we reached the group not one word was swapped between Harry and I.

The night drew closer and the sun started to set, enveloping the ground in it's warm orange and reds. A cold wind blew throughout the beach, we decided to head back to Harry's as he lived the closest, and we all didn't want to be squished in the car for hours. El, Perrie and Sofia, as lovely as they are, managed to come in the smallest convertible they could find, so we took advantage of the small space left in their car and put all the bags in it, while the rest of us piled into Liam's. Some how, with my on going luck, I managed to end up sitting on Harry's lap. Great. About half way to Harry's I was in conversation with Zayn when I felt Harry's hand travel up my leg. I carried on with the conversation expecting him to stop, but he didn't. I gabbed his had and tried to pull it away, but he was much stronger that I was. He continued going higher until he got to the edge of my underwear. "Stop!" I hissed, loud enough for only him to hear. He lent in, his hot breath washing over my neck, his lips brushing my ear lobe. "You see, all this about our insolvable differences, I just don't care."

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