Dangerously In Love

As much as I wanted him to stop I loved it. His eyes were full of hate and lust . "I hate you" I murmured "you're beautiful" he said "you're a dick" i whispered. He leaned in and brushed his lips on mine.


2. Chapter 2.

I woke up and had a shower before laying out my bikini's on my bed. It's either my black one with silver embroidery, but that ones a little small and makes my boobs look absolutely massive, or my turquoise and black Aztec one which I do admit myself hugs me in all the right places. I chose that one and put it on followed by some ripped mini shorts and a white baggy tee shirt. I grabbed my bag and put my ray bans on and picked up my phone and slipped it into my back pocket. I heard a car horn out side and my phone vibrated in my pocket. Without even looking at the message I knew it was them. I grabbed my keys and purse off the side and locked up my apartment. "hi guys"  I said when I got to the parked car "just squeeze in the back they wont mind" Liam said "oh here we go!" Harry said I sent him a glare before slipping in the small gap, good job im quite small. "glad you came" Niall said, leaning over Zayn. I gave him a smile before finally looking at that text. 'out side xx-Liam'

As we pulled up to the beach there was already quite a few people there. It was funny us all trying to get out of the full car, and trying to rescue out stuff as well. "we have a surprise for you!" Louis said. "look over there" he pointed. I gasped as I saw Eleanor, Sophia and Perrie running towards me. I squealed and ran to them. We all collided into a big hug. "oh my gosh Tori you're beautiful!" Sophia said "so are you babe!" I replied "your hair is beautiful" I said feeling it's softness "i'm so glad to see you guys it's been forever!" I said giving them all a big hug again. "promise us you won't leave this time" Perrie said "I promise" "hey yeah how's that going for ya?" El asked "great, I got a piece in the London gallery the other week and my stuff's selling pretty good. I'm also at uni taking an art course." I said. That was the reason I had to leave them all before, some of my work got spotted and I got asked to a collage that really supported the art and design course so I took it and look where I am now! As much as I hate leaving my friends I promised my parents that i'll do something with my talent. "hey you might see Zayn there!" Perrie said excitedly. "wait Zayn goes to Westfield University?!" I said shocked. "yeah he started last month" "I was gonna say I've been going for two years and I've never seen him, I'll look out for him!" I smiled

*Harry's p.o.v*

"god how long does it take to say hi I've missed you!" I said annoyed. "relax Harry, I'm sure sure they wont be much longer." Niall said. 10 minuets later they finally came over "took you long enough!" I said in the same annoyed tone. I watched Victoria roll her eyes. As much as this annoyed me, I chose to ignore it.

We went over by some rocks and put our towels down on the soft sand . I watched Victoria kick off her flip flops and the others doing the same. We had all planned to go into the sea so we had already started getting changed.

*Tori's p.o.v*

As the guys were taking off their shirts in the corner of my eye I saw Harry take off his. I couldn't help but look. I watched as his muscles flexed and his six pack and v-lines stood out. I saw multiple tattoos. On his chest, stomach and arms. His eyes met mine and I quickly looked away blushing. "you coming girls?" Louis asked "yeah one sec" El replied. She finished taking off her shirt and so did the others.

*Harry's p.o.v*

We were all in the water waiting for the girls when "wow!" Niall gasped. We all turned around to see the girls "damn" Zayn breathed "fuck!" The other girls looked hot but Victoria! shit! Her curves were amazing and her bikini pushed up her boobs making her more attractive and her hips swaying from side to side probably making her ass look perfect! I couldn't stop looking. Her sexy long legs making her look even better. Her long brown wavy hair blew over one shoulder making it look messy but so sexy, I watched as she ran her fingers through it and ruffled it up a bit. I gulped loudly and let out a breath that I didn't know I was holding in. As she stepped into the water I saw her shiver slightly. "shit it's cold!" she said, but she didn't get out. They came all the way over to us, and I noticed still shivering. I looked around and saw that Niall, Zayn and Perrie were talking El was with Lou and Sophia with Liam. I swam over to Victoria and wrapped my arms around her, "you cold?" I whispered in her ear. I felt her shiver more before slowly nodding, I wrapped my arms around her tighter feeling her curves. I felt her legs wrap around me, as I guess she couldn't touch the floor. "did you like what you saw?" I asked her "huh?" "earlier, when I was taking my shirt off." I winked "I saw you looking" I watched her blush and look down "no I wasn't!" she protested "I'll just pretend you didn't" i whispered in her ear again before bringing her closer. Her legs wrapped tighter around me and our bodies came closer. Her breasts were pressed firmly on my chest and our stomach's were touching. She could tell this was turning me on, I just know it! I watched her bring her lip between her teeth biting it. I breathed an unsteady breath and I felt her hips grind on mine. I took a sharp breath and traveled my hands down her back along her curves and grabbed her bum.

*Tori's p.o.v*

As much as i wanted him to stop, I loved it. His eyes were full of hate and lust. "I hate you" I murmured "you're beautiful" he said " you're a dick"  I whispered. He leaned in and brushed his lips on mine. 

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