Dangerously In Love

As much as I wanted him to stop I loved it. His eyes were full of hate and lust . "I hate you" I murmured "you're beautiful" he said "you're a dick" i whispered. He leaned in and brushed his lips on mine.


1. Chapter 1.

I quickened my pace, hurrying down the dark ally. I got the end when i noticed a group of about five people. smoke filled the air, mixed with the smell of alcohol. Well I have two options. Either wait for the druggies to leave, or walk past them...Come on Tori you can do this! I kept my head to the grown and started to walk past them. "look who we have here lads" one said. I jumped at the force used to rip my hoof off revealing my face. "it's a chick lads!" he said again "well hello there baby" another said. I felt someones hand come into contact with my bum, slapping it. "beautiful" he whispered in my ear. But I recognized that voice. "Harry?" I said not sure as it was too dark to see anyone's face "Victoria?" the voice returned. "Tori!" another voice said "Louis" I said turning to him "oh my god it's been forever!" I said throwing my arms around him "3 years!" we walked out into the the street lights "Liam,Niall,Zayn,hi!" I said giving them all a hug. "shit" I heard someone mumble. I turned around to find Harry "when did you get hot!?" he said looking me up and down. "shut it Styles" I said before turning my back to him "nice ass" I heard him mumble again. I chose to ignore it. "what you doing here at this time of night?" Liam asked "walking home" I simply stated "you live down here!?" Zayn said looking around "down the bottom, take a right" I smiled. I felt my phone vibrate in my back pocket, I quickly pulled it out reading the text 'where ya at girl? Ran off with some guy? ;) xx' I laughed slightly at the text before replying 'I guess you could say that ;) in some weird way aha xx' I locked my phone before sliding it in my back pocket and wondering if Harriett was okay, I did kinda just leave her. Ah well she'll be fine. I felt someone take my phone out and i heard the familiar unlock sound. I turned round quickly "hey how d'ya know my password?!" i asked Liam "it's the same as it's always been 1399" I laughed slightly at this remembering how close we use to be. "you now have all our numbers" he said smiling. I heard the clicking of a lighter and the smell of smoke and weed filled the air. I looked over and found Zayn as the culprit. He motioned it towards me and I took it thanking him. I put it between my lips taking a long drag. Been a long time since I had some of this. I smirked at Zayn before letting the smoke out in O's in the air, Zayn doing the same. We both laughed when we let it all out. That use to be out thing whenever we did this kind of thing, we were always teaching each other new tricks. I would usually use a shisha pen, or a hooker tube, but oh well this is fine. It wasn't long before we were all sat on the damp ground talking about what we had missed and what had happened in our lives while passing around the joint. "hey do you remember how we first met?" Niall asked "of course" we all replied "it wasn't a good day for you was it Tori" he laughed "shut up" I said laughing too. "yeah well it started as Harry being a complete dick to me!" i said sending him a glare "what I did nothing!" he protested "first day back, I had never seen you before, you sat next to me in English and asked me for sex." "what's so wrong with that?"  "when I said no, you said I'll pay ya!" "no i fucking didn't" he shouted "nothing has changed" Louis sighed. "what the fuck were you expecting me to say? Yeah fuck me like your other sluts! No fucking way!" I shouted back. You see me and Harry never got on. We have always hated each other and always will. "oh I know you wanted me" he said with a wink. "you're the worst!" I spat "bitch please! I'm the best!" he said adding sass. Niall cracked up laughing as did the other boys. The thing with Harry is that he hated me so much because I wouldn't have sex with him. He had shagged every other girl in the school but me and every time he asked me I said no. And for a fact I know that he still wants me. As self centered as that sounds. He does. He'll jump at the chance of fucking me. "oh I bet you are" I teased winking while biting my lip. I saw him tense, so I carried on. I rested my head in my hands and started to bite my finger, sucking it slightly, before running my tongue along the bottom of my lip and biting it. "stop" he said sternly "or what?" I asked seductively "I'll-" "hey Tori do you wanna come to the beach with us tomorrow?" Niall asked "sure i'd love to" I smiled "for god sake Niall" Harry said hitting him on the back of the head "if she's going i'm not" he said sternly "really Harry!" Liam said not impressed "oh that's a shame I was gonna ask your opinion on which bikini would be better, but never mind. Zayn would you help?" I asked with a wink "actually the beach sounds pretty good I've got nothing on so I guess I could come" the boys laughed at Harry's response. I just rolled my eyes at him before walking off. "hey where ya going?" Niall asked "home" I said bluntly "why don't we walk you home" Louis said jogging up to me, I just nodded before leading the way.

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