Love Bites

Short stories about the vampire chronicles family lestat, louis, armand, daniel, marius, etc and there ordeals with modern culture and technology


1. once bitten twice shy

I am the vampire lestat and i have successfully seduced the fledgling of mine, my dear sweet louis, for a time i no longer have the ability to count. It has recently become the fourteenth of two thousands and i still dearly miss my old band the call of music has not fallen to deff ears however now my voice almost exclusively to my louis though he dose not enjoy the sound quite as much as my colleagues used to the words hit him syllable by symbol syllable through his soul because he understands how they came to be and what they truly mean. As i sat down next to my black haired love, i ran my fingers through his hair cherishing how he leaned on me and seemed to almost purr. Sadly our moment was cut short as the annoyance known as armond and the fledgling he stole from myself, daniel, walked through the front door earning a glare from our direction. Louis smiled to them and asked them why they "gifted us with there presance" i scoffed slightly and burry my head into his neck letting him know i did not share the same feelings. Daniel smiled and thanked louis as armond handed two letters to louis as i glared at armond. He rolls his eyes at me before commenting "there not from me you twat there from marius" i nodded slightly before grabbing both of the cards from louis and sat them down "you can go now" i said earning a glare from my love "leatat dont be rude!" He said heatedly. I smirked and nodded but said nothing. Daniel nodded and turned around to which i noted "you are fine daniel i meant armond" apparently deserving another glare from louis. Armond smirked nodded to daniel and left deserting me with an angry louis. "Why do you always have to be so rude to him?" I smirked and shrugged before nibbling on Louis's neck. "You wont be able to change the subject that easly lestat" he said shaking his head. He apparently forgot how persuasive i could be so i reminded him by sinking my teeth into his soft neck muscles and changed the subject in his mind with ought so much as a backwards glance

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