Love Bites

Short stories about the vampire chronicles family lestat, louis, armand, daniel, marius, etc and there ordeals with modern culture and technology


2. Armand's toy

Daniel sat on the couch in the living room of his and armands home they have near the theater moving his toung acrost his fangs wich had only formed a few years before. He began to grab the remote to the television as he heard the microwave door open in the kitchen. Origionaly the kitchen was for daniel to eat but now that he was turned it was mainly for if a guest were to enter that was human. Sadly however Armond had taken a liking to putting small rodents and even dogs and cats in the microwave and watching them explode. As Daniel entered the kitchen he watched Armond struggle to get a rat inside the box. Daniel walked quickly to his master grabbing the rat from his hands and shaking his head "you cant keep putting animals in the microwave or its going to break and i am NOT explaining what happened to the repair man again" he said taking the rodent to the window and letting him out. Armond made a slightly pouted face towards his fledgling "i purchased the microwave cant i do as i please with it?" He asked. Daniel shook his head and replied stepping back to Armond so they were barley touching "not if you ever want my blood again". Armond crinkled his nose making a face reminding Daniel of a stubborn child and tried biting Daniel but he dodged just in time. "I am faster than you boy" Armand stated confidently causing Daniel to chuckle slightly "true but even though your older than me you are more the boy and i more the man" he noted knowing it would get on Armond's nerves. Sure enough the older vampire growled at Daniel "simply because i was turned at a younger age doesn't mean i am the younger and you would do well to learn that flower" Armond said grabbing Daniel's arm roughly "you need to remember who's boss" Daniel tried to hide a smirk knowing that Armond's mind was as far from the microwave now as his master and lover sunk his teeth into Daniel's neck

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