Its our secret!

Nicole's mother dies when she was three and her father is always at work. Will she find someone to fill the hole in her heart?


1. Chapter one

"Mommy don't leave me!" "Baby stay strong I love y..." That was it until I heard my alarm clock. Great another day of school. I go to Richmand Highschool it's your normal highschool with the populars, jocks, and the nerds. Can you guess where I fit in? I am as you would say a nerd. I always get straight A's. I'm a senior this year I'm surprised I made it this far. I got up from my bed and trudged over to my bathroom to take a warm shower. After my shower I plugged in my phone and started playing my music. Maybe this year I'll change who I am. I started blasting my music. I picked out my pierce the veil crop top and black ripped skinny jeans. I went to the bathroom and looked in the mirror. Still have the same long blonde hair and green eyes. I grabbed my curling iron and curled my hair. After I grabbed my makeup kit and applied black eyeliner to make my eyes stand out. I usually don't wear makeup but it's a new year. I glanced at my clock 6:45 I grabbed my black hightops and grabbed my keys and went on my way. I pulled into school where I always do. I got out of my car to get stared at. My friend Abigail came up to me with her sweet country accent and looked shocked. "Hey Abby, how do I look?" I asked "uh you look different like really different"she replied. "What can I say it's a new year." And with that we walked into school together.

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