Its our secret!

Nicole's mother dies when she was three and her father is always at work. Will she find someone to fill the hole in her heart?


5. chapter 5

*Nicoles Pov*

That was so weird we were just laughing and having fun. I saw the love in his eyes but then he zoned out and his eyes filled with fear. It kind of hurt to be asked to leave but not even know why. I think I really fell for him but I know he'd leave me after he founds out the real me.

*Matthews Pov*

I shouldn't have done that to her she looked really hurt. But I couldn't let her know about my dad I hate my dad so much and I know I should love him but the things he has done has made me hate him.

*flash back*

"Robert! You need to stop drinking so much. It's getting to be a problem! What will Matthew think huh?" My mother screamed

"I don't give a shit about that piece of crap all he's ever done is disappoint me!" My father argued back.

I just sat in my room trying to block out the yelling but I couldn't. I sat there and cried so much why was I such a disappointment to him? I wish he was just out of my life. All I heard was the front door slam and silence so I thought it was just my mother. I went downstairs to see but I got shocked it was my father and a whole bunch of broken glass and a beer in his hand. "Get your ass over here!" I walked slowly to him. "You're such a disappointment to this family that's why your mother left you here!" With that he slapped me across the face. Then a kick to the ribs and I punch here and there once he stopped I got up and ran to my room.

*end of flash back*

I was just about to cry when I got a knock on the door. I got up and answered it. Rebecca? Why was she here I haven't seen her in four years. Then I saw my father poke his head threw the door. "I'm back! Did you miss me?" I just groaned and went back into my room. I hate my father so much right now.

*Nicoles Pov*

I was looking for my stupid purse when I remember that I left it at Matthews place. I decided I would call him to ask him if he could bring it to my house tomorrow and maybe hang out afterwards. I called him "Hello" said an unfamiliar girls voice. He gets rid of me then 5 seconds later he already has another girl. I was so upset that I just hung up. I ran up to my room and just locked my door. I laid in bed and just cried. I must've gotten tired because I fell asleep.

I sat up in my bed and yawned. Today was Monday and school. I would have to face Matthew and I don't know if I can. I got up from my bed and went into my bathroom. I got in the shower and after the shower I picked out my clothes, I picked out my marvel t shirt and some white skinny jeans. I threw my hair up in a bun and I went to the kitchen grabbed some toast and didn't even bother with makeup. I put on some red converse and grabbed my keys and left.

When I pulled in I saw Matthew waiting for me by the doors to the school. I got out of my car and tried to walk past him but he stopped me. "Nicole can we please talk?" "What you're done with the other girl already!" "What other girl Nicole? I love you!" Did he just say he loved me? I wouldn't mind but he doesn't know me. " I called you and some girl answered the phone" "That was my cousin Nicole I wouldn't hurt you like that even though we aren't dating I would like to change that" "I like you too but you won't like the real me trust me" and with that I just ran back to my car and drove home I just couldn't do it.

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