Its our secret!

Nicole's mother dies when she was three and her father is always at work. Will she find someone to fill the hole in her heart?


4. chapter 4

I pulled into his drive way and got out of my car. I walked up to his door and knocked. He answered with the smile i love. He must've just taken a shower because his hair was still wet and he didn't have a shirt on. He pulled me into a hug and told me to take a seat. He asked me if I wanted something to drink. "Hot chocolate please!" "Nicole! It's 75 degrees outside" "pleeeasse" he gave in and went to the kitchen. I waited for him to get back and he handed me my cup. "You're a crazy little girl Nicole. But you're a cute one" I just laughed and nudged him. He smirked at me then out of no where started tickling me. I was laughing uncontrollably "Matthew stop it I can't breathe" I said in between breaths. He stopped and I jumped on him and started tickling him.

*Matthews Pov*

She started tickling me I couldn't stop laughing but I had to kiss those lips so I stopped and pressed my lips against hers. They felt like they fit together perfectly. She started kissing back and I felt her smile into the kiss. I pulled away and looked at her her green eyes almost blue and her wide smile. "I've been wanting to do that ever since I met you" the rest of the night we watched Disney movies and cuddled. "I should go" she said " please stay" Why do I love her so much is it the way her eyes shine or her laugh or her smile I don't know but I just love her. "Fine, I'll stay" she fell asleep in my arms. She looked so peaceful and happy. I wanted to know her the real her. I knew what Paige said about her and I know she's not new but it gave me an excuse to talk to her. I am in love with Nicole Clark and I want her to know. Soon I felt myself getting tired so I carried her to my bed and I fell asleep with her by my side.

*Nicoles pov*

"Wake up princess" I heard a beautiful voice say. My eyes fluttered open and I saw a messy haired Matthew. "Good morning beautiful" " good morning goofball" I sat up in his bed but he told me to lay down and relax and that he would be right back. I relaxed and tried to find my phone. Once I found it I scrolled through Instagram and saw a photo of me sleeping

Spent the day with this cutie.

I laughed when something smelling good passed by my nose. I followed it down the stairs to find Matthew cooking breakfast. "I saw your little post" "haha yeah I just thought you were gorgeous" "Matthew?" "Yes princess" " why do you like me. You don't anything about me but you still like me somehow, why is that?"

*Matthews Pov*

How could I answer that? I guess it's time to come clean. "Nicole I know more about you then you know. I know you're not new but I had to get an excuse to talk to you. I know all the things Paige say about you but I know it's not true. I love you and I want to get to know you better" She looked at me shocked then started to speak but then stopped. "Matthew you don't want to know about me. It's a sad thing I went through and I can't trust someone with my secrets I trusted Paige before but where did that get me? I truly love you but I don't know how to trust people these days." She had tears streaming down her face. I just kissed her passionately then pulled away I saw a smile peek through. I realized I still was cooking. I turned off the stove and got out plates and told her to sit down. I grabbed orange juice from the fridge and have her the plate of good with a glass of orange juice. We ate and laughed and enjoyed each other. Then I remembered that my father was supposed to be coming home today. "Nicole you should be getting home soon." "Uh okay?" She brought her plate to the sink and grabbed her keys and with that she was gone.

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