Its our secret!

Nicole's mother dies when she was three and her father is always at work. Will she find someone to fill the hole in her heart?


3. chapter 3

Me and Matthew were still siting in the hallway. He looked at me and his eyes glistened. Then he started to laugh and I didn't know why. I gave him a confused look and he jut told me to go to the bathroom. I got up awkwardly and went inside the bathroom and looked in the mirror and oh my god I had makeup all over my face. I washed it off and walked out to an empty hallway. Of coarse he would leave it's just me. I was just about to leave when I felt a pair of strong arms wrap around my waist. Then I got turned around to meet my blue eyed boy.

*matthews pov*

When I turned her around she looked so happy. I loved her smile. "You look beautiful without make up on" she started blushing. I'm so glad I can make her smile she deserves to be happy. "We should go back to class. I'll see you at lunch and if need anything just text me okay?" She nodded. We got up hugged for a while the feeling this girl gives me is ridiculous. We pulled apart and we said our good byes and she started walking I truly love this girl.

*Nicole's Pov*

I walked into class smiling so much people were glaring but I didn't care. I was truly happy I met someone who truly cared.

(Skip to lunch)*Matthews Pov*

I walked into the lunch room and waited for my angel. I saw her laughing with her friends I loved her smile so much it could light up a whole room. I walked up to her and hugged her I took her to my table where I sit with two of my friends, Uriah and his girlfriend Caroline. They gave me a questioning look and I mouthed that I'd tell them later. I pulled a seat out for her then she say down. I sat down next to her across from Uriah and his girl. "So Nicole, how old are you?" Uriah asked her "uh I'm 17"she replied. After that we just pretty much sat and chatted the whole time.

(After school) Nicole's Pov*

School was amazing today just to think meeting one person can change your whole world. I was getting into my car when I heard my name i turned around and saw Matthew running after me. He was out of breathe "do you maybe want to come over to my house at let's say 5?" I told him I would love to and that is call him. I drive home then looked at the time. It was 3:30 I got inside my room and went into my bathroom. I striped out of my clothes and took a shower. After the shower I picked out some high wasted white shorts and my rose crop top. I texted Matthew

Should I wear makeup?

A second later, gosh that boy answered fast.

No, you look better with out it beautiful x

I got dressed curled my hair grabbed my sandals and grabbed my keys and then called Matthew

Hey Matthew!

Hey gorgeous

I'm about to come over is that okay?

Of coarse see you soon! Bye!

I got in my car and started driving until I realized I didn't know where I was going I texted Matthew

Uhm hey what is your address?

Oh sorry it's 946 Lakeland drive.


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