Its our secret!

Nicole's mother dies when she was three and her father is always at work. Will she find someone to fill the hole in her heart?


2. chapter 2

I was looking around until my eyes met gorgeous blue ones that belong to Matthew. I would never have a chance with him he's a popular and a jock. He was tall, tan with brown hair that was spiked up in the front. And his eyes they were like staring into heaven. I was just about to look away when he started walking towards me. My eyes opened in shock. When he got to me he looked me in the eyes. "My name is Matthew. I'm guessing you're new here if you ever need a tour around the school come to me." He thought I was new? "Uh yeah, maybe you could do it before first period?" "Id love to!" We went walking when he bent down and whispered in my ear "you have gorgeous eyes" I giggled "what is your name because you are gorgeous" "my name is Nicole. Nicole Clark" " wow you look stunning and a beautiful name, well here's your first period" " thanks!" "Wait!" He came running back " I have to give you my number" all I could do was blush. He grabbed a pen and wrote his name and number down on my hand. Then he ran to his first period. I looked around the room to only find the person I hated the most Paige. She loves to pick at me because me and her used to be like sisters we would tell each other everything. Well at least I would. After the summer of 8th grade we never talked and she became my enemy. She told everyone that my mother killed herself and all of my secrets. The bell starting class went off and we started calculus. Mrs. Evelyn walked in and had a huge smile on her face. She's a family friend of mine. She was my mothers best friend so she knows what I go through. She started teaching and so did the notes. Paige threw a note at me saying

Go kill yourself to find your mother wait she didn't even care about you did she?

With only that note I got up and ran to the bathroom. I didn't care if I would get in trouble. They could say anything about me but bringing my mother in hurt.

*Matthews Pov*

I was walking around the halls when I heard crying. I started following the crying only to see the girl I just met a few minutes ago Nicole. Her green eyes were dark and her makeup was flowing down her face. I ran up to her but she wouldn't look up from the ground. " hey beautiful what's wrong?" "P-Paige threw t-this note a-at me." She stuttered. I read the note. I can't believe Paige would say that. "Nicole, can you look up at me please?" She looked up and I saw the hurt in her eyes. I know I've seen that look before but I don't remember where. "Can I get a smile gorgeous?" She looked into my eyes and truly smiled. Her smile was gorgeous and I loved it. But then it went away. "Am I going to have to tickle you ms.clark?" She shook her head but it was too late I tickled her side when I saw her start laughing. She nudged me and I pretended to be hurt. She just laughed and I sat down next to her. She was truly gorgeous I wanted her I needed her to be mine.

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