Finding a way to Heavens Gates

What would you do if your were pleaded guilty to a crime you didn't even commit? Would you try to clear your name? That's exactly what Jacinda, a angel who was fasly accused to a crime she didn't commit and thrown from heaven because of it, it trying to do. Along the way she makes a few strange allies, and discoveries of her accused murder. But will she be able to return to heavens gates after all that she has been through?


2. My First Court Meeting

Shaking my head slowly, I objected. “There evidence is clear Ms Jacinda,” Abner said as he ruffled through pieces of paper that littered his desk.

“But I didn’t kill him!” I cried desperately. Abner seemed to ignore me as he sifted through more of the papers.

“Lajos, you may question the victim,” Abner said as he looked up from his papers. The male Warrior Angel from before rose from his seat and floated down to me. Lajos, I let the name swim around in my head. I had heard the name before. Why must this Warrior Angel be a mystery to me?

Lajos paced back and forth in front of my chair. My guess was that he was trying to think what question to ask me first. He came to a standstill just before me. “Jacinda,” he said. I could tell he was choosing his words carefully. “Where were you last night at 10:30 pm?”

“Why, that’s easy,” I said with a small smile. I collected my memories from last night with ease. “I was in the library helping Abram with the sorting through the returned books”-the court was quiet as I talked-“the usual. By the time we finished, I told Abram to retire to his home and I would lock up. That was the last time I saw him. And that was at 9 o’clock.”

“And while he had his back turned you killed him?” Lajos accused me. The anger in his tone frighten me, but I didn’t back down.

“No,” I said innocently, “he went home. And I locked, like the usual.”

Lajos started to pace again this time a bit quicker. “Then how come we found Abram’s body tied to his desk with his wings and his heart ripped out!” Lajos cried out angrily. I flinched away from Lajos angry outburst, but the ropes bounded to me wouldn’t let me go too far. Gasps of sheer shock filled the room after Lajos outburst. I started to get angry. I would never harm Abram. Why was everyone accusing me that I did?

Leaning forward I stared at Lajos. “I would never do anything to harm Abram,” I said coolly. Lajos griped the arms of my chair and leaned in. If this were some romantic manner he would have kissed me. But it wasn’t. This was a business matter.

He was gripping the arm chairs tightly, I could tell as I briefly looked at his white knuckles before I stared down his piecing blue eyes. Mine were a much darker shade then Lajos. In fact, my eyes were different from any other Angel I had met. Angels were known for their bright eyes ranging from a golden brown to a grey. But mine were a deeper shade of brown. Abram once told me my eyes were dark only because they were soft. My heart ached as I thought of Abram. I couldn’t believe he was really gone.

“As Abner said,” Lajos spat at me. I could clearly see his anger now. As I watched him he had similarities with Abram, same facile structure. But Abram had blondish-brown hair and grey eyes from what I remember. “We have evidence that you did Jacinda,” Lajos finished. He stared at me a while longer before pushing himself from my seat. “This,” Lajos said as he pulled something from his tunic, “should be enough for you.” Whatever he had pulled from his tunic he flung to me. I flinched, expecting something hard to hit me. Nothing did. I looked down onto my lap, there was a crimpled piece of paper laid across my lap. There was something written in read across it. It was hard to translate but I managed to read it. As I read the paper I gasped in shock. Across the piece of crimpled paper read:


My name had been written onto the paper, but why?

“That was found by Abrams body.” I could hear Lajos say before me. I stared at the paper some more. Realizing my mistake I noticed the red writing was actually blood. “My brother..” Lajos said sadly. My thoughts cut him off. That’s why he looked so familiar. He was Abrams little brother. I remember now. When were children, before we were assigned to our angel jobs, Abram, Lajos and I used to play together all the time. After our assignment assembly, Abram and I lost connections with Lajos. Why would Lajos think I would kill his brother? Didn’t he know me better than that?

“…would have written his murders name down before he would have died.” Lajos voice brought me back to my current situation.

I shook my head numbly, “no, no! This has to be some kind of mistake! Lajos you know me! Why would I kill your brother?” I pleaded, tears escaped my eyes and travelled down my cheeks. But Lajos seemed to ignore my protest as he went on about how he believed I killed Abram.

“As Abram retired to his home, you, Jacinda, dragged him back into the library against his will.” Lajos took a step towards me.

“No!” I cried.

You chained him to his desk.” Lajos took another step.

“No!” I cried louder than before.

You ripped out his wings.” Lajos took two more steps towards me. One more step and he was in front of me again. “And you pulled out his heart. Luckily within the last strands of his life he wrote your name down onto this paper.” Lajos took another step and snatched up the paper from my lap and raised it to my face.

Tears rolled down my cheeks staining them with their salty water as they did. I could have never killed Abram. I was so angry. Angry that Lajos was accusing me of his brother’s death when he knows I could never do such a thing. I was angry at all the stares the other Angels were giving me. I was angry at Abram for writing my name down in his blood. I was angry that he died.

“No!” I yelled sending my grand wings to cover myself. Everyone gasped. No Angel had broken through the sun cuffs and released their wings. “No!” I cried again. My long brown waves bounced as I shook my head furiously.

Loud mummers of talking filled the court room from my sudden actions.

“Order! Order!” Abner yelled about the raising voices. He banged his hammer against his desk numerous times before the court quieten once more. “Jacinda! Put your wings away this instant!” Abner said angrily in my direction. I retracted my wings as quickly as I let them free. Once the protection of my wings was gone I could now see what damage I had done. Angels stared at me in either terror or curiosity. Abner hunched over his desk with his hammer tightly in his grip. Lajos was sprawled out on the ground from the sudden impact my wings had caused. The look on his face knotted my stomach. It was a mixture of faces: shock, terror and surprise.

Lajos helped himself up as Abner tidied his desk again. There were a few minutes of silence before Abner spoke again. “Jacinda, you may be dismissed as I retrieve to the Archangels for guidance. As for now,” Abner banged his hammer against his desk, “the court is dismissed.” Angels filled out of the court room. I had hoped some of my colleges would support me, but none had come to my aid.

Once the court room was empty, I was unbounded and pulled out of my chair by some other Warrior Angels. I was lead down a single corridor then into a small room. I was tossed in there like a rag doll. With my wrist cuffed together I couldn’t stop the impact from the polished marble floor. With a smack, my body collided with the marble leaving my skin stinging.

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