Finding a way to Heavens Gates

What would you do if your were pleaded guilty to a crime you didn't even commit? Would you try to clear your name? That's exactly what Jacinda, a angel who was fasly accused to a crime she didn't commit and thrown from heaven because of it, it trying to do. Along the way she makes a few strange allies, and discoveries of her accused murder. But will she be able to return to heavens gates after all that she has been through?


1. My Arrest

It’s hard to come to facts that I fell. In an instant my whole world was gone. In a blink of an eye everything and anything could be turned upside down. That’s how it worked out for me. One moment I was standing in my quiet realm the next I’m seated in front of judgemental spectators.

Heaven is a peaceful place, but I found my realm so much more peaceful. Along with other child spirit Angels, my duty was to educate the child souls as if they were still alive. In my own time, I would sneak a peek to the world below and watch the human children laugh and play. The sounds of laughing children always made my heart fill with joy. It was because of this I loved my job and I honoured it with the highest respect.

There was one side I didn’t like about my duties. I knew all the children in my realm had passed on from the mortal world far below. In other words, each and every one of them had ended up in deaths hands, ripped from their young care free lives too soon. They would never experience what life had to offer for them. This broke my heart as I passed a new baby soul being carried in an Angel’s arms. I had passed the pair as I was on my way to my assigned child spirit for that day. Besides from that, there wasn’t a day without laughter in my realm, except the day I was taken away. I could remember it now as I slowly made my descent to the world below.

The child spirit I had been assigned to, and I, was playing together when they arrived. Her name I could not remember now. I hadn’t notice the slight pop sound as the portal open and the Warrior Angels made their appearance in our realm. Nor had I notice the sudden stop of laughter and speech. I laughed with my child spirit; she had made a small joke that I found it to be quite funny until I was interrupted by a large hand placing its self on my shoulder. I froze. I could sense the past of whoevers hand on my shoulder. As a child spirit angle I could read anything, sense anything or could see anything within a single touch. It was our gift from our Father. From the hand I sensed anger and unholy strength; I usually sense things before I see them. As I was beginning to see a war in my head I realised who had a hold of me.

Brushing the hand off me quickly, I stood up. I don’t really like my powers so I rarely ever really use them. I turned to face the Warrior Angels. This was the first time I had laid eyes upon on any of them from when they entered my realm. The Warrior Angels were made out of the strongest and most honoured angels. They were specially chosen by our Father to protect our kind and the souls of Heaven. The Warrior Angelic powers are grand. With their unholy strength and unique battle tactics, Heaven would win any war against the demons.

Their appearance was unremarkably beautiful. Unlike the rest of us, their very being was filled with the holy light that destroys demons. All chosen Angels had blonde to nearly white hair and piercing blue eyes. The tunics they wore glowed as they walked and malted against their sculpted bodies. To any human eye the light radiating these Angels would be blinding. Their wings were the only feature that separated them from the rest of their comrades. Each Angle, in any realm or district, had their own unique set of wings. No matter what our Father did with our bodies our wings would remain the same and unique.

Now standing in front of one, I could sense their power. Warrior Angels were not to be messed with, everyone knew that. Most Angels would cringe at the sight of one or wrap themselves up in their wings and pray for them to disappear if one was to appear in front on them. Not I. When the Warrior Angels appeared they were there for business and I mean court business. What I wanted to know is what business could they have with me?

“May I help you?” I asked with confusion. The face in front of me held a hard gaze. Sooner I realized it was made for me. This made me uncomfortable as those piecing blue eyes watched me, watching my very soul. The Warrior standing in front of me was male. He was clean shaven, as all male Angels were, and his features were well sculptured. His blonde hair was braided and tied behind his head, another male Angel trait. I didn’t really concentrate on his direct features like I would have in any other situation, but there was something oddly familiar with him that I couldn’t quite understand myself.

“Actually, yes you could.” The Warrior Angel spoke without looking me in the eye. Instead, he looked at my features which made me even more uncomfortable. His voice was deep and even more recognisable. I prayed that I would soon figure why he was so familiar to me.

“I can?” I asked, pushing the thought of the Angel being familiar from my mind. The Warrior went to touch me again but I moved away. He dropped his arm to his side once again.

“Have you heard about the Angel Jacinda?”

I jumped by the mention of my name. What does he want with me?

“That is I, how may I help you?” I asked formally. The Warrior Angel did not return an answer to my question. Instead, he turned to the other Warrior Angel he had with him that I didn’t notice was there until then. This Warrior Angel was female. She had the same colour hair and eyes as the male Warrior Angel. Her straight hair reached halfway down her back, it was braided loosely at the top. I briefly study her wings that spread out twice her length in size.

“We found her,” the male Warrior Angel addressed the female Warrior Angel casually. “Cuff her,” he continued as he started walked back to the portal. The female Warrior Angel gave a slight nod as he walked off. She turned to me and pulled something out of her tunic. It was a pair of bright golden cuffs. I flinched at the sight of them. These were no ordinary cuffs; these were the cuffs of the sun.

Before I could react, the female Warrior Angel had me by the wrists. She strapped the cuffs immediately onto my bare wrists, without much of a struggle from me for she did it so quickly I hadn’t noticed until I felt the weight of the cuffs enslaved my wrists. As soon as the cuffs were securely attached to my bare wrists I felt my powers drain from my body. At that moment I knew what they said about the Sun Cuffs were true. The cuffs would drain your powers that our Father gifted us. That is why I didn’t sense anything while the female Warrior Angel held me firmly by my wrists. The cuffs also drained you of your power of flight. My grand brown speckled wings retracted themselves into the paper like folds in my back, leaving me weak and heavy.

From the sudden drain of my powers I slumped to the cloudy texture that made up the floor of my realm. The child spirit I had been playing with rushed to my side. “Jacinda?” she called out to me. The twinkle of her vice still left a hole in my heart. Before the child spirit could reach me she was snatched up by other child spirit Angel. From the corner of my eye I watched the child spirit struggle against the Angels hold. I was dragged from the floor by the female Warrior Angel and pushed forward.

“Jacinda, you are under arrest for the murder of the Great Liberian, Abram,” the female Warrior said to me, but her voice was distant. I watched the terrified and shocked faces of my other child spirit Angels. Some were even mortified by me. My body shook from the loss of their respect.

“Abram is dead?” I asked weakly, the words of the Warrior just sinking into my drugged brain. The cuffs were taking a lot out of me. “How?”

“Enough!” a loud booming voice shouted into my ear. The voice left my ear ringing and shook my brain inside my skull. I caught sight of the Angel who yelled in my ear. It was the male Warrior Angel from before.

My mind went blank after that. I couldn’t remember passing through the portal to enter the court realm. I couldn’t remember being placed into a chair and bounded to it by ropes. As my mind reassembled itself I noticed I was seated in the court house. I looked around to meet the eyes of many Angels. On some faces I could see most of them didn’t know what they were doing here. Others held the face of disgust. As I looked around some more I spotted a few familiar faces of my colleges. When an Angel was assigned to a realm we hardly got to look about in other realms, that explains why I didn’t recognise half of the body in the room.

A loud banging brought my attention to the judges’ seat. I noticed the loud banging was coming from the hammer the judge held as he slammed it against his desk. “Quiet down everyone! Quiet down!” the judge called over the mummers of talking I hadn’t noticed. A few more times he slammed his hammer against his desk and finally the mummers of talking died down.

I studied my surroundings a little more now. The court was still grand from my previous visits as a child. My first time was the case of Lucifer and his kin. What a day that had been. Lucifer was going to kill every Angel in the room just to show our Father a point. If it weren’t for the Archangel, Michael, he would have. My second time was when I was assigned to the child spirit realm a few years later. Seeing me in this predicament made my heart sink. What had I done to end up here?

“Now,” the judge said, bringing me back from my distant thoughts. I noticed him straight away. His name was Abner. Abner was a judge in training when the fall of Lucifer and his kin was in order. He had learnt from the very best and in turn he was now the very best judge in Heaven. If anyone could clear my name it would be Abner. “Jacinda, you have been committed of the murder if the Great Liberian, Abram.” Abner spoke with volume so everyone could hear him. Like before, I couldn't believe what I was hearing. I had killed Abram?


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