Finding a way to Heavens Gates

What would you do if your were pleaded guilty to a crime you didn't even commit? Would you try to clear your name? That's exactly what Jacinda, a angel who was fasly accused to a crime she didn't commit and thrown from heaven because of it, it trying to do. Along the way she makes a few strange allies, and discoveries of her accused murder. But will she be able to return to heavens gates after all that she has been through?


3. Free Falling

Hours had passed before I had seen another Angel. When I did it was Lajos. I was surprise he had come to see me, but I realized he would ask more questions why I had killed his brother. When he entered the room I was sitting cross legged on the floor.

“Why did you do it Jacinda?” he asked me, I could hear the hurt in his voice.

“Why do you believe I did it?” I tonelessly asked.

“Because you have a key to the library-“

“Actually, no I don’t. Abram has the only key. When I lock up the library I send the key to him,” I interrupted him. The look on his face dumbfounded. I wondered if anyone else had spoken to him in such a manner since he had become a Warrior Angel.

“Regardless. You were the last to see him,” Lajos finished angrily.

“Doesn’t mean I had killed him,” I said shooting a deathly look at him. “He was my friend. And so were you,” I finished as I looked away. I didn’t hear anything come from Lajos. After minutes of silence he sighed.

“I’m sorry Jacinda.” I looked up surprised. Was he saying sorry to me?

“I should have known you would never come to harm Abram,” Lajos continued. He walked to me and held out his hand. Confused I took it. With one swift tug he pulled me up. “I don’t even know why I had come to terms it was you,” Lajos said as he played with my hair. “I love you, Jacinda.” His words surprised me. I looked into his eyes and I could tell he was not lying. “I always have,” he continued with a smile, “since we were children.” I was so dumfounded. I didn’t know what to say. His sudden love for me moved me in such a way, but I wondered if I felt the same about him.

“Lajos. . . I-“ I began but he cut me off before I could say anymore.

“If Abner lets you go, I will promise I will find who ever had blamed you.” He took my cheeks with his large hands. “This I promise you,” he softly spoke to me. I knew I had to stop him. This was happening all too fast. He needed to get over the loss of his brother before he could love. But before I could do anything he brought my lips to his. There was nothing to describe our kiss. I was only thankful when the other Warrior Angels came to take me back to the court room. Before I left with them Lajos promised me again that he would find his real brothers killer.

I was so caught up in Lajos kiss that I had forgotten the short walk to the court room and the bounding of the chair again. Only Abner’s hammer banging brought me back to the present. I looked around the room. Angels had flooded the seats again eager to see what my case had drawn to. I noticed Lajos sitting near the front. I then looked to Abner. My heart stopped. The grave look on his face to not higher my spirits of getting out of here and neither did his words.

His lips started moving and I could just make out what he was whispering, “I’m sorry Jacinda.” My heart sank. My palms began to become sweaty as I waited for Abner’s next words. The next words Abner spoke were louder so everyone could hear him. “As punishment for the murder of Abram the great librarian, Jacinda, you are banished to the mortal world.” Series of gasping and talking erupted in the room. From somewhere far in my mind I could hear Lajos shouting my name, but I did not turn to him.

“No!” I cried out suddenly, “Abner please!” I couldn’t tell if Abner was ignoring me or if he couldn’t hear my pleas over the cries of protest.

“As a result you will become a Fallen,” Abner cried over the voices, slamming his hammer down as he did so. Three Warrior Angels approached me. One ripped my shinning halo from the top of my head. I cried out in terror as a light died inside of me. The other two untied the rope attached to me. My hearing dulled as I became weak. The cuffs had taken some of my power but my halo was the source of it. I didn’t know how I would be able to survive without it. I heard Abner slam his hammer down three more times. In the distance I heard my name being called. I turned to see Lajos running towards me. I started to fall backwards. I prayed that Lajos would get over me soon so he could morn his brother. For me, I just fell.

Thinking of the recent events made me wonder how long I had been falling. The Sun Cuffs were still attached to my wrists but I was able to let my wings expand out from my back as I fell back first to the earth. The Sun Cuffs would not come off until they touched the soil of the earth. I wondered how long it would be before I made contact with the ground. As I wondered I started to doze off. The sudden weakness of my powers left me exhausted as I closed my eyes.

A sizzling sound awoke me from my groggy state. I still had not reached the ground. The smell of something burning filled my nostrils. I turned my head to see the ends of my beautiful wings had caught alight with fire. I panicked and swerved out of control. As I tumbled in the air I notice the ground coming up fast. I had an idea. I retracted my wings back into the folds of my back. The fires from the ends of my wings burned my soft skin as the blaze went out. I clenched my teeth from the burn. The burn would not compare to the pain I was about to feel.

Within a few seconds of retracting my wings I fell through a tree. The trees sharp branches tugged at my skin and something wedged itself into my side. I passed through the tree and hit the earth. The trees impact had slowed me down but not enough to stop myself making a large crater in the ground. I lay in the crater stunned. I was lucky then that I had tucked my wings away if I hadn’t I was sure I would have lost them with in the impact.

The Sun Cuffs dissolved from my wrist. Once free of the cuffs I rubbed where they had once been. Under my fingertips a tingling burning sensation erupted on my skin. I hissed in pain as I took a hold of my left wrist. A red patch of skin had appeared diagonally across my left wrist. Blank and gold ink drew out a symbol on my wrist. It was a black feather with the end caught alight with fire, the fire stop just inside my palm. The gold ink was used for the flames in the symbol and it glisten in the moonlight. I frowned at the symbol. Even though the symbol was beautiful it still was the symbol of a Fallen Angel also known as Fallen.  So this is it. I am a Fallen.

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