He Has Gotta Pick

This story is about a 16 year old boy that is in love with one of the Magcon boys and a member of 5 Seconds of Summer but they both like him as well. Will he be able to choose?
Then there is Becca and Kalie , they are Anuj's best friends, and they have their lives planned out in front of them. They plans to be with their boyfriends Cameron and Brent forever.
But first they have to meet


3. In The Backround

Chapter 2- In The Background

Becca's Pov.

I walked up to my locker after the last bell rung, and opened it with a little struggle. I was never good at remembering my locker combo.

I pulled out my math binder, and slid it into my bag, along with a bit of English. As I was about to shut my locker, I heard chuckling and spun around to see Aston Irwin, Nash Grier, and a few other boys I didn't recognize.

I hid my face behind the locker door, not wanting to be spotted. This gave me a perfect preference to peer at the photos covering my locker door. I only saw pictures of Anuj, Kalie, and I, and pictures of Cameron and I.

And that's when I hatched an idea. "Ashton!" I yelled without thought.

He spun around and looked at me. I waved him over, feeling surprisingly confident. "Hey?" He said as more of a question then a statement. "Hey, do u want to hang out later?" I asked getting straight to the point. "Sure, I guess" he answered quite quickly without a second thought. "Great" I smiled, batting my eyelashes.

I then glanced over at his friends, who were all whispering to each other, while staring keenly at Ashton. They were such doushes, I didn't see what Anuj saw in Ashton, but I respected him, and couldn't wait to see the look on his face when he sees who I brought.

"Do you want to go now, or..." He asked, staring wide eyes at me. I closed my locker, and that's when Kalie ran up with Brent. She had her arm looped around his and his other arm was around her shoulder. I smiled. "It's about time" I snickered.

Ashton's friends eventually walked away, after Ashton waved them off, and we walked down the hallway towards the exit. "Are they coming" he whispered in my ear, so Kalie and Brent couldn't hear. He motioned towards them when he spoke, and I nodded, making him seem disappointed.

"Yeah, but there are a couple other people coming also" I responded along with my nod. "Oh."

We finally reached the parking lot, and I saw Cameron leaning against my car. "Hey!" I squealed , running away from Ashton, and into Cameron's open arms. He kissed my forehead, and I retreated from his arms, but still leaning on the car beside him. He put his arm around my shoulder, and I enjoyed the warm feeling I received as he touched me. "Where are we going?" Ashton asked, making everyone look at him. "My house" I answered, and Ashton smirked.

"What are we waiting for then?" Ashton asked.

"Anuj" I responded, looking around, for a missing Anuj. "A what?" Ashton asked confused. "Our friend Anuj" I answered again, and Ashton answered hesitantly.

We waited only a minute longer, talking about random things like why a sand which is called a sand which.

"Here I am!" Anuj yelled, running up to us with an arm full of books. "Sorry, it took me a while to get here" he panted out of breath.

"Well, let's go!" I yelled. Anuj froze for a moment as Ashton spun around. "Hhhhhi" Anuj stuttered out.

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