He Has Gotta Pick

This story is about a 16 year old boy that is in love with one of the Magcon boys and a member of 5 Seconds of Summer but they both like him as well. Will he be able to choose?
Then there is Becca and Kalie , they are Anuj's best friends, and they have their lives planned out in front of them. They plans to be with their boyfriends Cameron and Brent forever.
But first they have to meet


7. Becca I Gotta Tell You Something

Becca I Gotta Tell You Something-

Becca just pulled up into the drive way to pick me up from Ashton's she was being really weird like she stared at me like hubba hubba what happened of something like that. She asked me what happened at his house like what went on.

I said "he fixed my scrape, fed me, watched t.v, and we might have had some...sex as well.."

Becca screamed at me with anger she was cursing and yelling but smiling and told me.

"I'm glad you had fun with the guy like but, you just met him you don't really know much about him. Plus your only 16 I did not hear my ever say you could have sex with people yet! Me and Cameron did not even have sex yet..."

I stared at her like really are u sure I don't believe that kinda look.

She then said to me "fine maybe 1 or 2 maybe 20 times.."

I said to her "gurl I don't blame you Cameron's abs are the BOMB!! I mean look at the yewo!!"

After me and Becca left we decided to go to her apartment she lived with Kalie but I stay over a lot I kinda live there. So I told Kalie what happened her and Becca said the same things Becca told her she already explained it to me so I don't need to here is again, It was kinda fu. Y cause Kaile and Becca sometimes went all mom and dad on me. At the end of the night I told Becca and Kaile how much they meant to me and how much I love them then we wrapped up the night with a huge hug.

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