He Has Gotta Pick

This story is about a 16 year old boy that is in love with one of the Magcon boys and a member of 5 Seconds of Summer but they both like him as well. Will he be able to choose?
Then there is Becca and Kalie , they are Anuj's best friends, and they have their lives planned out in front of them. They plans to be with their boyfriends Cameron and Brent forever.
But first they have to meet


4. A Little Push

Chapter 3- A Little Push

Anuj's pov

So Becca left me a surprise in the car and I was screaming on the inside. So was Becca and Kalie you could tell by there faces.

Ashton saw me and gave me a smile and said "take that shit and throw it in the back, and after sit,"

"But there's no more room in the car I'll just meet up with you guys later"

Ashton said "no just sit on my lap don't worry"

Me, Becca, and Kalie are mouths dropped

Ashton was staring at us with a questionable expression on his face "he said what?"

I said "nothing okay let's go."

So instead of going to Becca's house we went to the green, Kalie with Brent and Becca with Cameron. Me and Ashton were just walking not really talking. Until he spoke up

He said what "grade are you in?"

I said "I'm in 10th grade"

"Oh a sophomore" he said

I said "yea"

"I'm a senior how old are you? I'm 19" he said, he looked interested in what I had to say.

"well I'm 16" I said with a fast answer.

"cool" he said getting board.

We did not really have much to talk about so later Cameron, Brent, and Ashton were being boys and talking. That gave me the chance to talk to Becca and Kalie guys we don't really have anything to talk about

"what should I do?" I said I was upset but did not show it

"I have an idea!" said Becca "but u won't like it, but you'll thank me later."

"What do you mean?!?!?" I screamed

"PUSH" (Becca just pushed Anuj to the ground and he has cut his leg)

"owe!! That hurt" I said in anger and pain

Ashton turns really fast to see that I'm hurt he looks at me

Ashton says "are you okay?!"

I said "yea I'm fine"

He took a huge breath of air, "thank god!"

I said "what it's just a scrape"

"Not to me I don't want a pretty little flower like you getting hurt." He said so worried

I said to him thanks so much let so back to my place and I'll fix it up he winked at me for some reason.

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