He Has Gotta Pick

This story is about a 16 year old boy that is in love with one of the Magcon boys and a member of 5 Seconds of Summer but they both like him as well. Will he be able to choose?
Then there is Becca and Kalie , they are Anuj's best friends, and they have their lives planned out in front of them. They plans to be with their boyfriends Cameron and Brent forever.
But first they have to meet


5. A Bit Of Fun

Rebecca's pov.

After the stunt I pulled on Anuj, I feel a bit bad. But it worked out in the end, with Ashton going to his house and all.

Kalie and Brent stayed in town, and me and Cameron decided to go to his house. We walked through the front door, as the familiar scent of vanilla hit my nose. I gently closed the door behind me, and followed Cameron into the kitchen.

"Are you hungry?" He asked, as a gentle men would. "No, but you should eat if you are" I answered, watching him search through the fridge.

"Can you make me a sandwich, pwease" he begged sticking out his bottom lip.

"Who's house are we in?" I asked. "Ours?" He questioned sarcastically. "No, yours" I shot back.

"But I would love it if my lovely girlfriend made me a sand which" he begged again. Of corse I had to now, as soon as he pulled the girl friend card, I was a goner.

"Fine, your the type if guy I would make a sandwich for, but, you owe me" I arranged. "Alright, fine by me" he answered leaning over and placing a small kiss on my forehead.

"Not enough!" I giggled. He leaned back in, placing a soft kiss on my lips.

"Alright" I sighed, pulling back. "Now go do something" I ordered. He sighed sitting down on the counter. "I'm cooking here" I whined. He chuckled, still not bothering to move, making me work around him. "Fine, hold this" I told him, dumping ham and cheese packaging in his lap.


After finishing the sand which, process, Cameron scarfed it down. "I worked hard on that" I whined again. "That was good" he said muffled, his mouth to full to say anything properly.

"Come on.." I said pulling his arm. I continued to pull him towards his room. He stopped, refraining me from dragging him any farther.

Before long, I was draped over his shoulder, as he ran deeper through his home. "Cameron!" I yelled, wiggling in his arms.

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