The 67th Hunger Games-COMPLETE-

Cyanna Harlech, a fellow Career from District 4, has been chosen to participate in The Hunger Games. Leaving her Mother and sister, Pearl she is uncertain she will win. Winning means game and fortune. Losing means certain death...


9. 9

There are three important things today. All the tributes have to show off their skills to the Gamemakers in the morning, then in the after noon we get scored on a scale of one to ten. Then, at night we have the inter view with Caesar Flickerman. We have to have a good sleep because the next after noon will be... The Games.

"District 3!" Shouts a Gamemaker and Garth walks in. After he's finished, Jax walks in and I mouth a good luck to her. She walks out smiling and runs off. Butterflies fill my stomach. I'm next..

"District 4!" Carter gets up and walks in. He comes out and nudges me forward. I walk in and I grab a bow and arrows. The Gamemakers watch me and I aim at the target. I pull back the wire and let go, firing the arrow forward. It misses. The Gamemakers laugh and I look up to see them distracted. I aim perfectly and hit the target. They aren't watching. I aim up at the light that hangs above their heads and shoot it. Glass shatters everywhere.

"Thank you. For watching me." I say and put the weapon back and walk out without another word. I am greeted by Stafftip and he chuckles lightly. We sit down in front of the television when we get back, and switch it on. The scores are coming. District 1,2 and Garth from 3 all get 7s. Jax gets a 9. I smile. It comes to our district and Carter gets an 8 and when my score comes up, everyone's mouth hangs open. I got an 11...

"Cyanna! Well done!" Grins Stafftip, "You too Carter!"

"Thank you. May I see Jax?" I ask.

"Yes, yes. If you must!" Says Neddie.

I rush over to the elevator and press 3. It zooms down to the floor and the doors open. I step out and walk down the velvet carpet.

"Jax!?" I call out. A face sticks out a door and a grin crosses on her face.

"Well done Cyanna," she says.

"You too! You got higher than Carter," I whisper.

"Yes. I did. Quick, Cyanna you better go before Garth sees you!"

I nod and go back up the elevator.

"Cyanna, you got the highest score!" Says Neddie smiling.

"I know!"

"Also, Kiar wanted you early. He has something planned."

"Oh. I better get going!" I go down the stairs this time, into the makeup room.

"Cyanna! Well done!!" Shouts Mariol, Varil and Barnia.

"Thank you!" I reply. They take me over to a table and strip me off. Mariol puts some lotion on my body and Barnia curls my red hair. Next, Varil puts some gold streaks at the bottom so it suits my name. The girl of gold.

"Let's get you to Kiar!" Smiles Varil.

"Impressive score," says Kiar and hugs me. I thank him and we walk to the closet again. He gives me a long red dress that has sparkles at the bottom. I put it on and I wear a golden headband and I look gorgeous.

"You have to twirl," Kiar mumbles.

I twirl, and the bottom of the dress turns into gold and forms into the shape of my crown pin. Kiar puts the pin on my dress.

"Perfect... You're ready for Caesar! Oh wait..."

Kiar puts a bit of gold makeup on me and silver lipstick. Perfect! I think I look amazing. Now I have to tell Caesar that I'm going to kill Carter. Easy.

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