The 67th Hunger Games-COMPLETE-

Cyanna Harlech, a fellow Career from District 4, has been chosen to participate in The Hunger Games. Leaving her Mother and sister, Pearl she is uncertain she will win. Winning means game and fortune. Losing means certain death...


7. 7

At the Training Centre, we all have to wear the same thing. It's a black and red jumpsuit and every year the tributes wear them in the Training Centre. How I know this? It is on live television. We have to walk to a station and practise our skills, whilst the other tributes do their thing or watch us.

I walk in a different direction to all the tributes. The shooting area. I pick up the bow and arrow and press a button on the wall. A glass door shuts up the room, so tributes can watch and not get hurt. There are three-dimensional people rushing around the area that I have to shoot. Easy. The first person is right behind me. I quickly turn around and shoot it right in the head before it can run.

I finish the trial and the doors open and I see everyone surrounding it, some with their mouths agape. I whisper a quick thank you and walk over to a climbing station. Where you have to climb trees and ropes. I see Jax, the little girl from 3 scampering up a tree. I smile. She sees me and scurries down.

"You were amazing in there," she compliments me pointing to the shooting area.

"Thank you. Who'd you leave behind?" I ask.

"My mother and my brothers and sisters..." She frowns.

"Oh. I left my mother and sister," I give her a quick hug and climb up a tree. I watch the Gamemakers at the top watching us all and some of them eyeing me carefully.

"Cyanna!" Carter calls out and I slide down the tree.

"Yes, Carter?" I ask.

"Go stand over there.." He points to a target and I stand there. Some of the tributes who now want my blood watch and smirk. I realise that this is knife throwing. Oops.

Carter throws a knife aiming at my eye and without a warning I catch it and throw it at the ground. The people who were watching scowl and walk away. Next, he throws one at my heart and I flick it out the way, leaving only a small cut on my finger.

"You need to practise Carter," I say and walk of triumphantly.

I see he has made allies with the other Careers. No thank you Carter, I don't want to join your group of 'friends'. Thanks for asking me.

We are told to leave the Centre and go to our rooms. You go into the elevator and press the number of your district. These are our rooms until the games. I think I'm going to ignore Carter now.

If he throws knives at me, especially my heart it means we're not a team. Carter guess what? It's on. I can kill you quicker than you can kill me.

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