The 67th Hunger Games-COMPLETE-

Cyanna Harlech, a fellow Career from District 4, has been chosen to participate in The Hunger Games. Leaving her Mother and sister, Pearl she is uncertain she will win. Winning means game and fortune. Losing means certain death...


22. 22

I wake up, looking for enemies and my arrows, until I realise I'm still in the hospital. My leg has been stitched up, and there's no blood on me. I am told that I can go, so I do. On the way I bump into Jax.

"Jax! W-we did it!" I say, still in shock.

"I know!" She hugs me.

"I'm still scared though. Scared of The Arena.."

"Me too. I had a nightmare about it,"

"I'm just happy we survived! Now come on, we better get to our stylists for Caesar," I smile and a walk into separate rooms.

"Oh my God, Cyanna!" Cries Kiar and hugs me.

"I made it back." I whisper.

"I know! It's amazing! Follow me, I have something nice for you." Kiar takes my hand, and leads me into the wardrobe and passes me a long yellow dress. I put it on and it fits perfectly. Next, he brushes my and holds it back by a simple blue headband. I slip into a pair of black flats as Kiar smiles.

"Perfect," he says, framing my face with his hands.

"I'm ready. I think."

"You are! Now we need to get Jax."

"OK." I agree.

Jax walks into the room, wearing a silver dress, with black flats and a gold headband. She looks perfect.

"You look amazing, Cyanna!" Jax gushes.

"You too! Come on. Let's go," I say and Kiar helps us onto a platform that lifts us into where we get interviewed. Together.

"Ready for this?" I ask.

"I was born ready!" Smiles Jax.

We are lifted up, and cameras flash in our face, as a grinning Caesar comes over and congratulates us.

I'm strong. Stronger than I was before the Games. I know people's weakness'. Here's a quick thing to remember. Go into the Games and try to kill me, I'll get the before you can. So watch out.

I turn my head back to the cameras and smile, waiting for this moment to end and see my family.


Hope you enjoyed this. Thank you for reading it. You all are amazing people. :) xx

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