The 67th Hunger Games-COMPLETE-

Cyanna Harlech, a fellow Career from District 4, has been chosen to participate in The Hunger Games. Leaving her Mother and sister, Pearl she is uncertain she will win. Winning means game and fortune. Losing means certain death...


21. 21

"We've got visitors..." Mumbles Jax. I look down and she is right. We do. Varnia and Garth have found us.

"I'll take Garth, you take Varnia," I whisper, sliding down the tree with the arrows, whilst Jax takes the knives. Garth aims the sword at my neck, to make a huge cut.

"No. Let me." I say and make the arrow face my neck. But I turn it around making it face Garth. Obviously he doesn't know because he stands there smiling.

"Goodbye.." I whisper. I shoot the arrow, ad it sinks into his neck. Garth rips it out and screams in pain.

"You're good down here," I say, pointing at my arms, "but not good up here!" I point at my forehead. Garth falls to the ground and rolls around clasping his neck. He'll die, the wound is way too deep. I look at Jax, to see her pinned to the ground by Varnia. Jax has a spear pointed at her stomach.

"No!" I shout, and Varnia looks at me.

"Kill me. Not her." I say, and drop my weapon. Jax wiggles out from her grasp and Varnia pins me down. Just as she is about to let go she drops the spear on her foot and screams. Jax walks out from behind her and shows the bloody knives in her hands.

"We did it Jax... We actually won!" I celebrate, just as the two cannons fire and the hovercrafts grab the two dead bodies.

"We're going home!" Smiles Jax. There is a long pause and we wait to be congratulated. But there is nothing.

"Jax... They want us to kill each other..." I whisper.

"No! No!"

"Kill me,"

"Kill me,"

"Jax! Kill me, I promi-" I get cut off by something sharp jabbing into my back, and Jax and I fall to the ground. That is all I see, until I am taken into a world of darkness.

I wake up, and I'm naked on a table, with tubes in my arms. I look at my nails. They are clean. No dirt. I actually made it. What about Jax? Did she make it? An Avox walks into the room, and gives me a small plate of proper food.

"Did Jax make it?" I ask.

She nods her head, and a flush of relief fills me. We won! This is amazing! I'm going home! With Jax! This is... This is the best feeling! Stafftip walks in the room and smiles.

"Nice ally. She's cute. Remember, this isn't over yet. You still have an ending interview with Caesar."

I nod my head weakly. I turn my head, to see Jax in another room across from me. She turns around and smiles softly. I smile back.

Stafftip leaves, and I eat what the Avox girl gave me. Being in The Arena made my stomach go really small, and lose my appetite. But I'll be ok. I'm alive, and Jax is. But tomorrow... Tomorrow we will be surrounded my cameras.

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