The 67th Hunger Games-COMPLETE-

Cyanna Harlech, a fellow Career from District 4, has been chosen to participate in The Hunger Games. Leaving her Mother and sister, Pearl she is uncertain she will win. Winning means game and fortune. Losing means certain death...


20. 20

There is no lakes or source of water where we've moved. Not one sign of it. Jax and I are lucky to have our own water bottles and we filled them up, so at the moment we a have a bit of water on us. Which is enough, right?

"Cyanna, how's your leg?" asks Jax.

"Oh, it's better than it was when it hardly had any skin on it." I reply, adding a little more of the ointment on it. It looks a whole lot better now, from when Laud stabbed me.

"I'll go hunting for some more rabbit. Do you want me to?" I ask, changing the subject.

"If you can." speaks Jax, uncertainly. 

"OK. Stay here so I know your safe. Or do you want to come?"

"I'll stay, to watch the supplies,"

I nod at her, with the bow and arrows and walk off into bushland. I hear rustling and pounce forward, to what I think is a rabbit but is... Florana. My eyes grow wide and I get ready to aim at her with my arrows. Instead she falls to the ground and I leap into a bush. Garth comes to her and stares at her.

"Please! Please don't hurt me!" Florana begs for mercy.

"No. You betrayed us! That means you pay!" shouts Garth and picks up his sword.

"Please! I beg you!" tears rush down Florana's face.

"Too late," Garth says and puts the sword in her back. I hear a loud crack and I look at what he's doing. Garth broke her spine! How, I don't know. Maybe the sword went right through it. There's a bloodcurdling scream and Florana then goes quiet. Dead. I'm not going out there! Not risking my life. Garth runs of, when the hovercraft appears, and the cannon fires. I run back to the tree, without a word.

"Lucky you didn't come, Jax." I say, "Garth broke Florana's spine..."

Jax shivers, "Thank you for giving me a choice!"

"I've got no rabbit. I wasn't going out there. But on the bright side, there's only four left!"

"I forgot about that! We need to kill Garth and Varnia-"

"But, they're good. Really, really good."

"So? We're good!" smiles Jax and snuggles up to me. I slide in the sleeping bag with her, and tie the belt around. 

"Too good," I whisper.

When the sky goes dark, we look at who died today. Both from 11, and Florana. I shut my eyes and imagine their families. How disgusted they'll be. Mourning their children. All because of us. My eyes open, and Jax plays with the bottom of my braid. Within a minute or two, we are both sound asleep.

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