The 67th Hunger Games-COMPLETE-

Cyanna Harlech, a fellow Career from District 4, has been chosen to participate in The Hunger Games. Leaving her Mother and sister, Pearl she is uncertain she will win. Winning means game and fortune. Losing means certain death...


2. 2

"Well?" Says Neddie looking into the crowd. I slowly walk forward looking at people by my sides. It was so quiet, I could hear my own heart beating rapidly. A pair of Peacekeepers lead me to the stage and I stand next to Neddie, feeling small and weak.

"Everyone give a round of applause!"

As usual nobody claps. I look into the crowd to see my Mother and sisters faces, looking horrible and biting their lips to not start to cry. I don't want to cry or scream, because I'll look like a weakling and be an easy target.

"Now, gentlemen!" Announces Neddie Picket, reaching into the bowl full of names for the men. I just look poker faced thinking about how many ways I'm going to die in the arena.

"Carter Baems!" She shouts. A boy, looking my age walks out shyly to the stage. Short blonde hair, blue eyes. Tall. Would we make good allies?

Wait... I've seen him before! He was the one at the The Scorn, who kept watching me. Not him! No way, I don't want him on my list of to-be-allies!

He stands on the other side of Neddie and I see him look at me, but I keep looking forward ignoring his glance.

"Our tributes!" Says Neddie, and walks off the stage, replacing her is another person, who is not from the Capitol and looks like he's from another district.

"Hello, I'm your mentor!" He smiles. Everyone in the crowd stares at him and whispers to one another.

"OK... What's your name?" I ask.

"Stafftip. I'm new, but I've never been in the Games. I'm just very good at... Well being a mentor,"

"Er, alright then." Says Carter.

"Are you two good at fighting?" Asks Stafftip, sarcastically.

"Pretty good, I guess." Carter and I mutter.

"Oh, wonderful!"

I quickly grab the microphone from the stand and begin to speak.

"Thank you, District 4. For everything you have done for Carter and I as this may be the last time we will see our home. I'd just like to say a huge thank you, for looking after us and just... Being there for us all," I nod slowly and people press three fingers against their lips and hold up their fingers.

I look at my mother and Pearl, and find tiny little tears running down their faces after what I said. Maybe it was a bit harsh, saying I might never see them again. It's not my fault though, but it is true.

"Come on, let's go into the Justice Building, shall we?" Asks Stafftip.

"Yes," Carter agrees and a pair of Peacekeepers come with us to the Justice Building and we are in different rooms. The Justice Building, is where people say their farewells to their families before they go to the Games. It's like custody. Except you're not handcuffed. I sit down on one of the couches and sigh. If only I could stay in our district, and feed my family instead of getting slaughtered in The Arena. I'd like to have a peaceful death instead of being cut up into tiny little pieces...

I guess now is defiantly the last time I will see the people of District 4. Imagine all the bloodthirsty killers out there, or the people who know how to kill you 30 different ways with a knife. That's why I'm worried and scared. What about my mother and Pearl? What will happen to them, when I've been slaughtered? Will they die slowly, full of sorrow? Or will they get over me, like I never existed? Maybe that is exactly what will happen...

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